Offer 1


MP3 Meditations and Teaching
Plus 20 Minute Soul Reading

Offer 2


Personal Activation for Remembering
Plus Everything in Offer 1!

Offer 3


90 minute personal Joyous Transformation™ session with An-Ra-Nae
Plus Everything in Offer 2!

(20 Minute Personal Reading NOT INCLUDED)

Offer 1 Includes:

Item 1: Gold and Silver Light Meditation

This meditation balances male/female within, anchors you to the earth and connects you to the Great Central Sun, and opens the flow of electromagnetic energy through your chakras and physical body (8 min 48 sec)

Item 2: Invocation Calling in the Ascended Masters and Angels

Play this daily to create a strong multidimensional field of the Masters around you (7min 12 sec)

Item 3: Goddess-Isis teaching on the I AM Presence

This includes teachings on your spiritual anatomy — your I AM Presence, Causal Body, Soul, and the Human Personality and how they work together. Also includes surrendering the human ego and putting your I AM Presence on the Throne of your life. (19 min 52 sec)

Item 4: Invocation to Goddess-Isis and Thoth

requesting their assistance in the fulfillment of the Quest for God/Goddess within (5 min 40 sec)

Item 5: Teachings on Christ Consciousness

This includes teachings on Levels of Consciousness; Anchoring to the Earth; Requirements for the Ascension;Violet Flame; Right Use of Power; Saying Yes to Your Next Step Recorded live 12/12/12 (40 min)

Item 6: Ego Resistance

The human ego wants to keep you controlled Recorded live 12/12/12 (2 min 35 sec)

Item 7: I AM Divinity Embodied

Meditation (5 min 13 sec)

Photo credit: Amoraea Dreamseed as the artist.

Item 8: 20 minute personal Soul Reading with An-Ra-Nae on Skype or Zoom.

This Soul Reading is given using the Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards and includes energetic transformational aromatherapy to shift your vibration into higher frequencies.


This wonderful full moon in Capricorn, calls us to focus on our Divine Destiny and how we show up in the world. All systems are go as we are encouraged to use this quickening energy to establish ourselves in a new way!

Responsibility ~ Focus on Career/Divine Mission
Breakthroughs ~ Progress  ~ Embrace Change
Leadership ~ The Time has Come!

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Offer 2 Includes:

Includes a personal Activation for Remembering and all of package #1

Activations For Remembering are given by Goddess~Isis through High Priestess

An-Ra-Nae. This activation includes the activation of your third eye and crown for Remembering Who You Really Are and What You Have Come to Earth to Do. A sacred spaces created and teachings are given on the I AM Presence and your embodiment as an Earth Angel. These activations will be given in small groups on Zoom and last about 3 hours

Dates to be arranged

YES! I want An-Ra-Nae’s Special Offer 2 for $147

Offer 3 Includes:

Includes a 90 minute personal Joyous Transformation™ session with An-Ra-Nae

on Skype or Zoom and all of package #2 except the 20 minute reading

A Joyous Transformation™ session is an intuitive reading with the Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards, and also includes energetic transformational aromatherapy. Your session may also include sound healing, karmic clearings, removal of implants, and completion of karmic contracts, depending on what comes up for you in the session.

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