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The Health School for Longer LIfe!

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The entire course: 5 Modules with 5 videos and 5 text pdf’s + More!

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A Live 21-day remote healing

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Offer 1 + one 30 min. personal healing session with Boris

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Offers 1, 2 and 3 + Bonus

Want to EFFICIENTLY strengthen all your body’s systems and organs in ONE short minute?

YES, it’s possible now – this is Boris NEWEST incredible invention!!!

Our passion at MR AB is to empower people to take charge of their health and rejuvenation on their own. Being healthy, strong and in a good balanced state of mind is the basis for a happy and fulfilling life. The BRAND NEW digital program, the Health School for a Longer Life™ by Boris Aranovich, presents completely new potentials for health and rejuvenation – for anyone and everyone.

This new program by Boris is a development of his earlier program, The Tibetan Healing Miracle, which proved to be a huge success with over 1000’s of new practitioners in only a few months. This NEW program, The Health School for a Longer Life™ is also a mental program – as it is the from the mental plane, in particular from the subconscious, any REAL and lasting change and improvement must begin as every single function, system and organ has its reflection in a neuron network in the brain, which can only be affected via the subconscious.

But this new program is different  – it’s taking all the benefits of energetic visualization, emotion, music and animations and adding a new aspect – the breath. The breath is what makes the exercises reach your subconscious and making them even more effective as it allows us to reach the subconscious faster!  The Health School for a Longer Life™ is absolutely unique as it also has an additional benefit never before presented… Boris has created a way to do all the new exercises with great efficiency in only ONE minute! Yes, you read that right  – you’ll be able to perform all the most important body exercises in just ONE minute! This is what makes this new program so unique, fun and really, really easy to use. It also makes the exercises even more effective and creates results even faster. This secret is called ”The Mental Allegro”, and you’ll learn more about it on today’s show.

The Health School for a Longer Life™ is made with the intentions of being fun and easy to do and super quick! The program contains 5 modules, each with videos, animations, pdf’s and music, which targets all the body’s systems and important organs and body parts. It can be applied to absolutely anything in the body, all the way down to your DNA.

In addition, we set the price really low to so that most of you will be able to take advantage of this unique and fast way to take charge of your health and rejuvenation.

Don’t miss out on learning about this new extraordinary program! If you decide to empower yourself and learn how to perform these simple and fun exercises, it’s yours for life and can change and improve your health in a very real and easy way.

Offer 1: The entire course: 5 Modules with 5 videos and 5 text pdf’s + music clips + the unique “Mental Allegro” video.


Module 1:  Why and How the exercises work & The Immune system

Module 2:  The Nervous System & Detoxing Your Body


Module 3:  The Hormone System & Lungs & Building Muscle mass

Human anatomy set. Female endocrine system – pituitary gland, pineal gland, ovary, pancreas, thyroid, thymus, adrenal gland. Vector illustration isolated on white background

Module 4.  Allergies & the Metabolism & Eliminating Fear and Stress

Module 5. The Power of Spirit & Insomnia & Beauty

Beauty and skincare concept – senior woman without aging wrinkles

Videos approx. 40 min. each, detailed pdf´s and music clips with each module are accessible from our digital library as is the bonus module (video only) ” Intermittent Fasting” and the ”Mental Allegro” for separate download.

Bonus: The Cardiovascular module from the “10 Practical Steps to Rejuvenation” + private FB group. 

YES! I want Boris and Annette’s Special Offer for $215

Offer 2: A Live 21-day remote healing “Radically Increasing your Joy & Happiness levels” by Boris for 20 min. every day for 21 days.

Boris will send you powerful energy to increase your Joy & Happiness levels for 21 days in a row. Each session lasts 20 minutes and the transmissions start Oct. 30. This remote transmission will help uplift and maintain a higher vibration in these times of many challenges. There’s nothing you need to do in order to receive the transmission, but if you want to, you can sit or lay down with your eyes closed in a calm place to easier sense the energy.

Bonus: access to our private FB group

YES! I want Boris and Annette’s Special Offer 2 for $47

Offer 3: Includes Option 1 + one 30 min. personal healing session with Boris

Boris will scan your entire system, balance your energetic centers (chakras), your nervous system, your skeleton, your hormone system and your spine. He will focus on balancing all the body’s important systems and also send information to all your cells to improve the cellular health in your entire body. Boris will have an interpreter by his side, so you can ask questions at the end of the session if you’d like.

Bonus: The Cardiovascular module (video+pdf) from “10 Steps” + private FB group  + Intermittent fasting MP4.

About the Bonus “the Cardiovascular Module”:

You will learn why cardiovascular disease develop and what to do to avoid it, to strengthen your heart and blood vessels in the most natural way.

About the Bonus “Intermittent Fasting Module (MP4)”:

This is a brilliant module for anyone wanting to thoroughly detox the body, to loose weight and get rid of the sweet tooth for good. It’s the perfect addition to the Health School for a Longer Life as this module teaches you how to help the body to detox on the deepest level, i.e. inside the cells, creating something called autophagy – a scientifically proven process which was rewarded the Nobel Prize. Boris’ module offers ways of doing this kind of fasting & eating in several and soft ways, and also gives you information on how

YES! I want Boris and Annette’s Special Offer 3 for $365