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Online Healing Retreats :
New Earth Body and New Earth Soul Self

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Inner Master Private Session with Kartron

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Item 1: Online Healing Retreat:  New Earth Body

3 Sessions (2 hours each) in Audio & Video  (6 hours of teachings!)


Are you ready to discover your New Self, the one you will have to be in the New Earth? Are you ready for the ‘Body of Your Dreams’, as a Glorified Being?

During the New Earth Body/New Earth Self Episode Quantum Conversations Show of August 7th, 2018, Kartron introduced the Nature of New Earth Self, providing brand new methods for perfecting your Present Self into your Now Self.

The very uncomfortable ‘Ascension Symptoms’ many awakening people experience is the Present Earth Body becoming the New Earth Body, as we are going from carbon/physical-based to crystalline/light-based.

Item 2: Online Healing Retreat:  New Earth Soul Self with Kartron

Date: LIVE Sunday, December  9

11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT 


Join us for this empowering Online Healing Retreat with Patrick McCormick who brings forth the Multidimensional Teachings of Kartron who introduces the different capacities of Spiritual Science and Presence. These teachings are to assist you to become an integrated Soul into the Self in this world.

When we focus on Integrating that highest vibration aspect of the Within Self of Soul to the Without Self Individualized, this creates an Inner Gateway for the New Earth, and since it is within, in this sense we are already there.


This we do by 1) Clearing the Current Self, 2) Preparing the Runway of Integration by Harmonic Alignment of the Layers of Self through a Portal System, 3) Creating an Attraction Force between the Self and the Soul, and 4) Integration of the Soul Into the Self.

This is a Journey of epic Divine Proportion. It will clear you out, clean you up, turn you on and wake you up, to be ready to become the True Self, enact the True Path, be the Divine Possibility and become the Thing you were Meant For; a Vessel of Destiny.

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Special Offer Includes:

The Inner Master Private Session

A Inner Master Private Session with Kartron allows you to reach the “Inner Universe”, where you discover how Creation Works from the All Knowing Self. This recalibrates your Earthly Self towards your own Soul, preparing you for the New Earth. Kartron often then gives assignments for you to continue the Greater Work long after your session. .

These transformational Sessions affect one on all levels; physical, mental, spiritual & emotional bodies, as Kartron reviews your Covenants with Creation, petitions the Councils of Heaven, concluding & resolving many imbalances, allowing Harmony & Balance to return to One’s Being.

In an Inner Master Session, you are Awakened to the Pathway leading to the All Knowing Self. As one follows the after-assignments, you begin discovering the latent god-self which lay within, dormant but now Awakening.

RECORDINGS are provided for your records. These are imprinted in ‘relative real-time’, which allows one to experience it ‘live’ whenever they are revisited, as training programs to prepare you for the Divine Life

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Special Offer 3 Includes Options 1 and Options 2:

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