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Audrey Light Lanauge is an ancient one as a weaver of codes of creation out unto the field of existence as Elohim in embodiment

These are times Great miraculous times that is the opportunity to step back into your power and sovereignty  and throw away the old beliefs and paradigms and disentangle from the old energy. Be upgraded vibrationally in accordance with the higher octaves of expanded consciousness and vibrational expression as we take part in what is the EVOLutionary journey of the expansion of the field of consciousness.

THESE times are not just about what we can manifest for our physical desires and experiences as parts of our stories.  THESE are times to step back into remembrance that we are so much more then just that and what we were stuck in we are eternal powerful creator beings bringing the light and the Divine into the physical into matter.

As we hold the light and raise the vibration and create anew with the knowing we are  Divine creator beings eternal soul essence of Source  experiencing and expressing itself as life.

These are the greatest of times you are witnessing and are part of You are the beings returning the Divine light soul source self , that which we are and remember – like in recalling but also as in placing a member a portion of yourself back  as in remembering put back a part as a member lost to call back as in Re-call it as you remember and recall yourself as a spark of Divinity , a creator being  as in what once was lost if now found  and as a creator being integrating this light  into the physical

Purge and release the old and acclimate while you integrate these higher  vibrational frequencies in a powerful yet gentle so you can still function through all this with ease and grace and an accelerated rate.

THIS IS AN INVITATION to step into your power and awareness of these great times foretold of that you are here in embodiment to consciously take part in and experience and help hold the light for yourself and others in these great times of such change of what has gone on for eons of playing the same note throughout existence but we have come to play a new note .

Bringing the light of our Divinity into the darkness as we SHINE our soul essence of beingness to create as a creator being empowered in your Divine essence THIS IS AN INVITATION to recall remember what you are and what you are doing and are a part of from a wider expanded perspective as a spark of Divinity an eternal being

THIS IS AN INVITATION to yes make your physical experience a better one for yourself and others but not just to manifest physical abundance or attain new gifts and abilities that are yours you open up to.

These are Great miraculous times and these works Audrey brings through assisting you to step into what is yours and go forth to create from remembrance then from creating from forgetfulness.

We bring into the density of the physical, the Divine as we make Heaven upon the Earth and heal the fractualization of self and to the story that was created from the sleep. As we observe and witness and awaken to the REAL out of the illusion and falsehoods, throw away the old beliefs and paradigms, and step into the TRUTH and remembrance of yourself as the essence of your soul beingness that is an eternal Divine being.

Offer 1 Includes:


Light Language channeled by Audrey Light Language.. Enjoy the powerful and soothing sound healing vibrations to heal on a multitude of levels­ esthetic, physical, mental, and emotional bodies, including removal of generational and childhood issues and traumas.



Light Language channeled by Audrey Light Language­. Powerful and comforting sound healing promoting DNA upgrades/vibration raising, releasing from this life and multidimensional aspects of self, removal of long­standing blockages.



The latest evolution of Audrey Light Language’s work-­ powerful and soothing light language and language of the Akash channeled fairies and many of the highest energies for multi­level and multi-dimensional healing, DNA opening/upgrades, and igniting of your own gifts and light language.


ITEM 4: ONLINE HEALING RETREAT: 2 hours in MP3 download


During this time we LIGHT up so many decorations for the holidays and we Light so many candles for the holy days, Spirit asks us to give a gift to ourselves as we light up candles in this time of gift giving, and light up our own lights to shine them brightly during these times.

A Channeled Message via Audrey Light Language:

Dearest Ones:
We say unto you that as you enter into your times of your celebrating the days you call Holidays and your Holy days, we come to say to you to come to the knowing and to the acknowledgment that ALL your days are HOLY days. All your days are days for celebration and giving thanks and recognition of the Wondrous Gift of LIFE and to experience existence.

TO BE, to be in the KNOWING of SELF…
TO BE to be in awareness of self and self-expression…
TO BE in life to be in a vessel …
Oh the miracle of it, the wonder of it!
You go about not acknowledging what WE say to you:
YOU are blessed
YOU are a blessing
YOU are HOLY not only on the days you acknowledge as your Holy and holidays to give thanks and be grateful and to be in expression of some of the highest upon but every day and every moment of your existence in embodiment and out.

There is a NEW day dawning. There is a NEW song being sung. There is a NEW Octave being played and we say to you to please join our channel and this one beloved, as well Lauren, as we come to bring to you through our beloved channel Audrey the energies and frequencies and the key coding to help you as you move along on your EVOLutionary journeys upon your way to take part in the New and the NEW you! Blessings Beloveds and we hope you shall take part in this gift being offered to you at this time.


A very special message channeled by Audrey Light Language directly from Source, “The One”­ listen to the words and feel the pure energy in the message.


PLUS Live Online Activations with Audrey Light Langauge

All of these works are very powerful as you receive and touch your heart for healing and help heal the inner child. Many clients after working with Audrey and receiving the light languages she brings through have themselves been ignited to speak light language and many have gone on to begin their own works with clients worldwide as Audrey herself doe.s
Audrey is called by Spirit healer to the healers working in many around the world to take their work to an even higher level. Audrey is a healer to all that are moved by their souls to work with one as herself that is an Architect of Soul and energy engineer assisting you as you tend to your true self your essence your true beingness. You will see the benefits in your physical life as well as even more importantly affecting you at your core true being as you traverse creation upon your soul EVOLutionary journey affecting the totality of creation as you take part as a creator being assisting creations as it expresses the next version of itself.


WEBINAR 1- Light Language Multidimensional Activation

Thursday, September 9

12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET / 7 pm GMT

The light language group. In this group, I will be speaking the languages of light for the group and also individually. You will receive DNA codes and upgrades as well as releasing on your physical Gaian lives as well as your multidimensional aspects as well. This will ripple out to your ancestral lineages as well assisting them as you receive.

Purchase this course only for $33


WEBINAR 2- The Akash Language Group

Thursday, September 16

12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET / 7 pm GMT

This is a clearing and rewrite of your cosmic Akash as well. NOT Akash reading as we want to write a new Akash in resonance with the new higher frequency of vibration and Is higher potentials available at that level as we seal the old books to write in the new.

Purchase this course only for $33: 


WEBINAR 3 – The Sacred key code number language group 

Thursday, September 23

12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET / 7 pm GMT

To receive and do the number works as we weave in the field of creation being proactive. To affect change for ourselves and also for the larger parts of creation as well.

Purchase this course only for $33


WEBINAR 4 – The Light House Course

Thursday, September 30 at:

12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET / 7 pm GMT

In this course, you receive nourishment to your physical body and to your true self essence of soul as you receive these powerful works to tend to yourself as a lighthouse. Feel yourself nourished and fortified as you shine your light through the fog and density, as you walk here assisting yourself and others in these times as a light housekeeping your light right.
Course, also as in a path, your direction, your course you will take both physically and even more importantly your course as in where you shall find yourself as you traverse creation as a soul. And lastly, course as in academic as we have discourses and not Listen to Me but your voice is shared and heard as we enter change and weave energy together in this group setting

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Offer 2 Includes:

90 Minute Personal Session: Light Language and Language of Akash (Plus Option 1)

Audrey Light Language Soul Architect and Energy Engineer is offering a 90-minute private session with her in which she will speak the Languages of Light for you and the Language of the Akash that is not a reading of the Akash but is to REWRITE it for you.

Rather than going over old maps and recipes and agreements and contracts and also dealing with what has been contaminated, The Language of the Akash rewrites it for you to be in acclimation of the new upgraded higher frequencies.

In this session, Audrey will also bring through the Sacred Key Code Number Language of Source,God, Creation, The wellspring of consciousness. The number codes are a Long list of numbers, 100’s long that work on your multidimensional DNA and your field.

All of Audrey’s work brings through the necessary releasing of the old energy and then brings through codes for upgrades to your system which help you be in resonance with the New higher frequencies that are part of this ascension assisting us upon our EVOLutionary journey and the expansion of consciousness itself.

In your 90 min session, Audrey will also bring through the Beings of Light that she channels to be in communication with you as they call it.

The Beings of Light is the name Audrey has given them as Their name is their energy signature. They are high vibrational beings part of the ALL that Is so they come to be in communication with us as they call it and to help us recall that we Are the Masterpiece and the Master One. It is time to throw away the crutches and training wheels we are used to and stand on our own.

Many people around the world have actually felt the Beings of Light when in a session with Audrey as they speak to them and are wrapped in their high energy and love.

Audrey’s sessions and all the work she brings through are very powerful and of the highest vibration as she is Elohim in embodiment. Come and experience what so many people around the world can only describe as WOW after Audrey is finished with them in a session. So come get your WOW!

These sessions have many beings and also aspects of Audrey coming through to assist a client with what they need. Audrey brings through the fairy realms to touch the inner child and the Ancient Ones and Native Americans to help release generational ancestral lineages and ties and blocks.

The Galactics come into work upon the multidimensional and galactic portions of you so as to have a full healing that encompasses the many aspects of you than just your Earthly ones.

As a Soul Architect and Energy Engineer, Audrey works upon you at the core of your being your soul, your essence, to help you upon your soul EVOLution and expansion of your consciousness as she works with the energy as an engineer to clear, move and upgrade the essence of your being.

Allow me, Audrey, through private sessions to help you stand in your power, divine birthright, and sovereignty as you help to create the new.

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