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I Audrey as an ancient one as a weaver of codes of creation out unto the field of existence as Elohim in embodiment as the mother of Archangels twin sons as one who has not come back into embodiment to only bring to them angel readings or messages for only their physical stories or physical attentions of what are their desires and issues I come back in as an aspect of Isis and a female Christ as a Christened one to help them at the level of what they ARE as they travel through existence as a SOUL their Soul essence which is that which they truly ARE creator beings sparks of Divinity that forgot they are that. These are times Great miraculous times that is the opportunity to step back into their power and sovereignty as that and throw away the old beliefs and paradigms and disentangle from the old energy and be upgraded vibrational in concordance with the higher octaves of higher expanded consciousness and vibrational expression as we take part in what is the EVOLutionary journey of the expansion of the field of consciousness which is what this is all about on the huge scale of life to know life to express and experience life and for the unseen to be seen and the unknown to be made known as we bring from the chaos of creation the balance and spread the light unto the darkness  as we stand in remembrance of what we are a part of and what we are doing as creator beings sparks of Divinity. THESE times are not just about what we can manifest for our physical desires and experiences as parts of our stories YES the works we do getting ourselves in resonance are reflected in the wellbeing and abundance in our physical lives BUT THIS and THESE times are not ONLY about yet again another turning of that which in a way as stated biblically the distractions of the flesh   THESE are times to step back into remembrance that we are so much more then just that and what we were stuck in we are eternal powerful creator beings bringing the light and the Divine into the physical into matter as we hold the light and raise the vibrational and create anew renewed with the knowing and knowledge of which we are  Divine creator beings eternal soul essence of Source  experiencing and expressing itself as life is made known to life as life dances with and within itself. HOW BEAUTIFUL HOW MIRACULOUS what a GREAT GIFT and to come back to recall and remember and be RE Member to self in awareness of the bigger picture of things and what your doing and ARE and ARE a part of THIS IS THE OFFERING OF AN INVITATION. The invitation to step back into knowing and knowledge and my work says the word knowledge look at it is now at the edge the ledge will you with that knowledge step to the ledge and the edge  and step over and FLY and SOAR ok and know here it is ok. THE INVITATION the invitation to step into the REALization of what you are doing , so many speak of purpose well there are many but you are transmuters and you are here spiritualising  matter   bringing full Divine essence in a physical body bringing light to the density. These are the greatest of times you are witnessing and are part of You are the beings returning the Divine light soul source self , that which we are and remember – like in recalling but also as in placing a member a portion of yourself back  as in re membering put back a part as a member lost to call back as in Re-call it as you remember and recall yourself as a spark of Divinity , a creator being  as in what once was lost if now found  and as a creator being integrating this light  into the physical   The higher vibrating states of beingness and consciousness that within the experiment of sleep we forgot .I Audrey light language as a soul architect assist you to purge and release the old and acclimate while you integrate these higher  vibrational frequencies in a powerful yet gentle so you can still function through all this with ease and grace and an accelerated rate. THIS IS AN INVITATION to step into your power and awareness of these great times foretold of that you are here in embodiment to consciously take part in and experience and help hold the light for yourself and others in these great times of such change of what has gone on for eons of playing the same note throughout existence but we have come to play a new note . You had so loving took part in the forgetting experiment , game , experience to add to the book of life and knowing of self as the I AM is all that is and in the void of creation all things are contained and made known unto itself witnessed and observed and made known expressed and experienced  and from the chaos is brought balance as the light is shown and held and what was unknown and left unseen is witnessed and seen and brought to the light and balance  as creator beings this is what you are doing . You so lovingly took part in the forgetting of self experiment. What would we be if we had forgotten we are the great I Am and so it was witnessed unto itself and NOW as there was the promise made to be awoken from it and raise back up from the exploration of the lower vibratory expressions , that for eons you had become stuck within and lost to self and the knowledge of your true self , that stuckness was not supposed to be , a side effect so to say of the experiment of forgetting created a stagnation which stagnation and none movement is a contradiction to life  so we come to assist the getting out of it life is about motion and movement and so we come to  move  out of the stagnation as the experiment has no thing nothing else to give or get from it THE INVITATION is to come receive works that i bring through to help you a you disentangle from the old energetics and ties that held you looping over and over for eons and those that were so lost in the parts they played  within the story within the experiment of sleeping and forgetting and had traveled so far from themselves and the light that they devised the stuckness to feed and fuel and sustain themselves off the light and energy of others BUT THAT is the way of the old has played out  THIS IS THE NEW and THE INVITATION is for you to come to the REALization of that which you ARE and to if needed receive help to energetically disentangle from the old energetics that bind and generational lineage ties to help acclimate you to the higher vibratory fields of the new to play upon as we transmute the old . On the Highest level of what we are doing as a Soul essence is as transmutors  from the chaos we bring the Light and the Balance within ourselves and within creation and bring Light into the darkness making what was unseen seen unknown known and WE as our balanced light filled selves ,WE as our Remembered selves of what WE are and are a part of stand in our Divine birthright and Sovereignty and take back our power as a Creator Being sparks of the Divine . Bringing the light of our Divinity into the darkness as we SHINE our soul essence of beingness to create as a creator being empowered in your Divine essence THIS IS AN INVITATION to recall remember what you are and what you are doing and are a part of from a wider expanded perspective as a spark of Divinity an eternal being THIS IS AN INVITATION to yes make your physical experience a better one for yourself and others but not just to manifest physical abundance or attain new gifts and abilities that are yours you open up to   this is an invitation to realize the REAL this is about your true essence your soul beingness abundance your eternal self This flows through into your physical life as we as one takes back and stands in their power and that which is theirs their Divine birth right as a creator being a spark of Divinity remembered to self and your part in the self hood that is the eternal you. These are Great miraculous  times  and these works Audrey brings through assist you to step into what is yours and go fourth to create from remembrance then from creating from forgetfulness. We bring into the density of the physical the Divine as we make Heaven upon the Earth and heal the fractulization of self and  to the story that was created from the sleep as we observe and witness and awaken to the REAL out of the illusion and falsehoods throw away the old beliefs and paradigms  to step into the TRUTH and remembrance of yourself as the essence of your soul beingness that is an eternal Divine being moving forward  wiping the slate clean as you recall you are a creator being and your creations are unfolding as you create in remembrance  this is the purge of the old to make way for the Divine you are and time to accept the Invitation to celebrate

Offer 1 Includes:

Session 1

Nearly a half hour of light language channeled by Audrey Light Language­ the original session. Enjoy the powerful and soothing sound healing vibrations to heal on a multitude of levels­ ethetic, physical, mental, and emotional bodies, including removal of generational and childhood issues and traumas.


Session 2

A little over a half hour of light language channeled by Audrey Light Language­ the second session and evolution of the work. Powerful and comforting sound healing promoting DNA upgrades/vibration raising, releasing from this life and multidimensional aspects of self, removal of long­standing blockages.

Session 3

Latest evolution of Audrey Light Language’s work-­ powerful and soothing light language and language of the Akash, channeled fairies and many of the highest energies for multi­level and multi-dimensional healing, DNA opening/upgrades, and igniting of your own gifts and light language.


The One

A very special message people all over the world have cherished­ channeled by Audrey Light Language directly from Source, “The One”­ listen to the words and feel the pure energy in the message.

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Offer 2 Includes:

Audrey Light Language Soul Architect and Energy Engineer is offering with this package a 90 minute private session with her in which she will speak the Languages of Light for you and the Language of the Akash that is not a reading of the Akash but is to REWRITE it for you. Rather then going over old maps and recipes and agreements and contracts and also dealing with what has been contaminated The Language of the Akash rewrites it for you to be in acclimation of the new upgraded higher frequencies. In this session Audrey will also bring through the Sacred Key Code Number Language of Source ,God , Creation , The wellspring of consciousness The number codes are a Long list of numbers 100’s long That work on your multidimensional DNA and your field. All of Audrey’s work brings through the necessary releasing of the old energy and then brings through codes for up grades to your system which help you be in resonance with the New higher frequencies that are part of this ascension assisting us upon our EVOLutionary journey and the expansion of consciousness itself . In your 90 min session Audrey will also bring through the Beings of Light that she channels to be in communication with you as they call it . The Beings of Light is the name Audrey has given them as Their name is their energy signature They are high vibrational beings part of the ALL that Is and are in remembrance of that and so they come to be in communication with us as they call it and to help us recall that we Are the Master piece and the Master One and the same and its time to throw away the crutches and training wheels we are used to and stand on our own. They say does a Master hold its brushes with paints and await someone to come by for him to ask them where he/she should place the paint brush upon the canvas or where to put a bit more paint or not NO a master creates its creation and stands back and looks assesses its creation and makes adjustments as it births and brings fourths its works of arts. Many people around the world have actually felt the Beings of Light when in a session with Audrey as they speak to them and are wrapped in their high energy and love.
Audrey’s sessions and all the work she brings through are very powerful and of the highest vibration as she is Elohim in embodiment . Come and experience what so many people around the world can only describe as WOW after Audrey is finished with them in a session So come get your WOW
These sessions have many beings and also aspects of Audrey coming through to assist a client with what they need. Audrey brings through the fairy realms to touch the inner child and the Ancient Ones and Native Americans to help release generational ancestral lineages and ties and blocks. The Galactic s come in to work upon the multidimensional and galactic portions of you so as to have a full healing that encompasses the many aspects of you then just your Earthly ones. As a Soul Architect and Energy Engineer Audrey works upon you at the core or your being your Soul , your essence as that is what you are is it not said you are Souls having experiences and so it is why Spirit has given her that title of Soul Architect to help you upon your soul EVOLution and expansion of your consciousness as she works with the energy as a energy engineer to clear, move and upgrade the essence of your being These Are great wondrous miraculous times with an opportunity open for existence to wake the sleeping portions of itself to remembrance of self and their place within the shelf hood and the opportunity to take your sovereignty back and stand empowered in the knowing that you are a spark of Divinity and take your birthright back to help create the New. As a Creator Being why limit yourself to only 5-D when all the D’s up to 12-D and beyond are open to you if you are in resonance and stand in your beingness and remembrance of yourself as your true essence as a spark of Divinity. Allow me, Audrey, through private sessions to help you stand in your power, divine birth right, and sovereignty as you help to create the new.

Audrey Light Language Soul Architect and Energy Engineer receive these powerful works and accept the INVITATION to take part in these works

The Butterfly/Phoenix Project = Take part in your metamorphosis, transfiguration, transformation as the butterfly represents into the Phoenix as you soar from the ashes of the Divine flames of transformation to Resurrection to the NEW in remembrance of yourself and your part in the self hood as you recall that which you are

CTRL/ALT/Delete/Reboot take control , make alterations- I help you to make the changes needed with releasing and upgrades to delete the old tangled ties and energy then reboot to the new higher upgraded energy through the languages of light and Akash and the sacred key code number works that i do that effect your DNA and your energetic fields

SHINE / SOUL SHINE S=Solar Logos first point of emanation H=healing and wHoleness from the fractulization to unification wholeness of the self I= I AM the individualization from the fractulization N= Now moment where we create from and the New we create from the Now moment E= Eternal as you are Eternal eternally you SOUL SHINE work for your true essence of being your Soul essence your recalling and remembering of yourself as all that you are these are very important works as my work as a Soul Architect energy engineer helps you with your Soul EVOLution the EVOLution of your Soul as you upon your journeys through existence,creation and your conscious expansion

I have come in to be here in these times to do the works i do behind the scenes to place the codes in the field as an Ancient One from first wave of creation time before time and as one to effect the paths of potentials and to help you to be on the highest path of potentials to where you will find yourself upon as you travel through creation as your true treasure your Soul essence that which you truly are then just the physical vessel you wear ,by raising your vibration and energy frequency and your consciousness and truly be of heart not just in concept and ideals that is the REAL and of heart and Soul to help you awaken and recall and remember and get out of the old loops stories and belief systems and paradigms and paristic infection of forgetting to step into the new and in vibration to the new and highest state of being that which is REAL

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