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43 Studio Quality MP3 Audio Activations!

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Mastery Empowerment Course
The Trinity of New Earth Embodiment

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Both Offers 1 and 2

Special Offer 1 Includes:

Our package is filled with the Light and Joy from the quantum and this vibration reaches every fiber of your being and body. So many levels and issues are addressed in the guided activations, so one come away with a feeling of fulfillment, completion, expansion, clarity and focused direction. It is as if you are being blessed with the grace and miracles of love and joy, forever living in every cell and dna of your being. And, it is ongoing and evergreen in it’s effects upon our mind-body connection.


Total Value of this Package: $1458

Item 1: Immersion In Light Retreat

Format edited mp3s

Length of Program 147 run time (5 activations)

Value of Program $250

Activating The Light Within The Body: Experience drawing in the finest vibrations of light while releasing all density, heaviness, stuck points, and feelings that you are weighed down and burdened. Recharge your brain and solar plexus, your power center, with Light from the core of our physical and spiritual sun. Disengage from tribal and familial consciousness, as well as present day global confusion and fear, while opening to clarity and Oneness with the Light. – From the first activation.

Item 2: Joy Of Awakening Summit

Format mp3s

Length of Program 175 run time (6 activations)

Value of Program $250

As you purify and cleanse and accept powerful balancing energies, calibrating new levels of awareness with each listen to these activations, you will be better prepared to experience resurrection, and greater abundance, new creative choices… more harmony… intelligence… humor… Divine guidance… and an “Awakening to Joy” greater than you imagined possible. Awakening to new miracles around you and the incredible feelings of joy in each present moment. From the Summary.

Item 3: Joyful Soul Immersion Retreat

Format mp3s

Length of Program 379 run time (14 activations)

Value of Program $600

Value: $600

Enjoy a journey into the soul of your deepest inner being to activate, heal and transfer a new code of light energy that both awakens and evolves your life to the next level. As you open up to this new frequency body-mind-and-spirit come together as one to share in a joyful harmony that naturally connects you to the greatest power of the Universe ~ Love. From the Intro.

An energetic review of the 5 days of presentations, activations and healing techniques. The protocol of feeling the energies, receiving them, integrating them and embodying them is the goal. This activation will synthesize the students experience, including their hikes in the red rocks. From the last activation.

Item 4: Healing Through Joy online series

Format mp3s

Length of Program 4 one hour calls (4 activations)

Value of Program $111

What is Joy? How does it manifest in our lives? What are the healing effects of Joy as we bring that vibration into our body? How does Joy relate to knowledge? To love? To compassion? To forgiveness? And why Joy? These and other questions will be addressed in these spontaneous transmissions from the Oneness, from the One Field, from the Presence. We are going through a tremendous transformation of consciousness, of mind, of emotions and of our physical body. All systems in this world are going through a metamorphosis, a changing of the guard, a resetting and reformation of concepts, attitudes and belief systems onto the next level of evolution, both physical and spiritual. From the Intro.

Item 5: Joy To The World online series

Format mp3s

Length of Program 3 two hour calls (3 activations)

Value of Program $247

Meditation with Kenji is nothing but a journey of our consciousness towards the self. In this 3-DAY LIVE ACTIVATION EVENT, participants will transcend their perceived limitations as they experience their primary essence of Being, becoming more presently focused and living life more fully with miracles occurring daily! Now that is Joy to the World! Are YOU ready to discover the power of you, connect to the energy and vibrations of your masters, guides, healing teams, soul group and Guardian Angel? This LIVE ACTIVATION EVENT class with Kenji will catapult you into the next level of manifested abundance and endless possibilities. You will learn that you already have everything you need within you and easily and effortlessly be guided to your knowing to your joy. From the Intro.

Item 6: Miraval Journey Into Joy Retreat

Format mp3: 11 Activations

Length of Program 160 minutes

Value of Program

Journey to Joy with Kenji Kumara as he reveals an all new Activation Series that helps you discover your magnificence and unique expression of your divine self. Discover glorious breakthroughs and step into a higher awareness, a calm state of being and expansion, and express this through your leadership and business capabilities. With both ease and grace, Kenji assists you to step into a higher state of consciousness and bliss and leads you to bask in the sunshine of the highest beings, divine realms and helpful masters. Become infused with more tranquility, peace, clarity and life-force energy.

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Special Offer 2 Includes:

The Trinity of New Earth Embodiment with Kenji Kumara

Thursday, Friday, Saturday Feb 7, 8 , 9

LIVE Audio Webcast

includes recordings for future use of the encodements

90 minutes to 2 hours each session

Total Value of this Package: $1458

This 3-Day Online Workshop with Kenji Kumara focuses on the Trinity of New Earth Embodiment.   “Because part of New Earth consciousness is doing life with more grace, more ease, more  harmony, more balance, more love, more excitement more inspiration, more awareness, all those things that we are have been striving to experience, says Quantum Light Weaver Psychic Kenji Kumara, “it’s really that which allows us to get very creative.”


Receive these activations or encodements, which are initiations on a higher level.


The Trinity Of New Earth Empowerment using the power of 3

Session 1. Clearing “encodement” activation to release historical patterns of limitation, polarity, doubt, fears and resistance to change in the subconscious mind.

We will discuss why clearing is important for enhanced awareness; how to recognize the blocks in awareness; how blocks develop in the birth process and early childhood; how blocks affect your different energy systems, chakra flows, auric field and soul-body-source connection; and how blocks affect the body’s health.

Session 2. Alignment “encodement” activation for accessing higher and expanded awareness, unity consciousness, and the unified field of possibility and miracles.

We will discuss what is higher consciousness and why that is necessary for the journey into New Earth; why some do not “hold” heightened consciousness; and the possible misuse of these higher energies.

Session 3. Integration and embodiment “encodement” activation for all levels of planetary expression of one’s innate gifts, talents and inner knowingness for life path expression and self mastery.

We will discuss why the embodiment and physical expression of unity             consciousness is necessary in the ascension process and practical steps and tools    to help with full integration of one’s vision and mission for this incarnation.


Benefits and Take Home Gifts:

  • Deeper and sustained connection with the Divine within and one’s source of creativity
  • Reduction and eventual elimination of emotional stress, mental tension, worry, self doubt, resistance and general unconsciousness
  • Fuller physical expression of who you are, why you are here and one’s life purpose
  • Greater appreciation for life with renewed inspiration and hope
  • More joy, love, balance and harmony in one’s life and relationships
  • Openness to receive and be blessed and graced within all things
  • Direct experience of one’s true nation as one trusts and allows in self
  • Unexpected miracles of any order ……..

Intro and overview of class. Q & A with phone callers on Theme of the day. 20-30 minute encodement activation. Energy will run for 72 hours as a live and evergreen activation. 90 to 120 minutes depending on the Q & A portion.

Kenji is, at heart, an esoteric philosopher and one who studies the “Science of the Soul”, and provides insight into the nature of Consciousness and the energies behind Creation and the laws of Manifestation and Healing. Kenji is a visionary, quantum navigator, transformational catalyst and guide. He received his M.A. in Education and teaching credentials in 1979.

His background includes extensive studies between 1969-2006 in Energy systems, Trans-Personal Psychology, Spiritual Psycho-Therapeutics, Holistic Education of young children, Trager Psycho-Physical Integration, Traditional Reiki system, Matrix Energetics, ACCESS. Mind Dynamics, Ho’O Ponopono, Jin Shin Jyutsu and many darshan hugs with Amma.

His specialty is complimentary energy medicine and consciousness enhancement: spiritual emergence and awakening for the new millennial and mid-life generations.

Since 2011, Kenji has been a popular tele-summit show presenter and since 2007 has offered his unique live quantum retreats in many states, Canada and Australia. His online Moon and specialty series has been very well received the past 5 years. His Membership Program is becoming popular, as well as his Sedona Vortex Activation hikes. Kenji is now offering his Quantum Mastery training program to a select few who desire to carry on the work.

Kenji serves to Illuminate – Liberate – Empower through Trust, igniting Joyful Connection Within.


Ask Your Questions on New Earth Embodiment

  • What’s my purpose?
  • What’s my passion?
  • Why do I feel stuck in this particular area of my life?
  • Why do I always seem to block myself when I get to this point of being successful ?
  • How can I be in a marriage and do my spiritual work, when I am having a very hard time?
  • etc, etc.

Ask the above level questions that go really deep and are not superficial. This allows your question to touch the soul of the group that will be live and on replay.

We’d love to have questions that are personal in nature, but also that the whole group can relate to regarding the theme which is mastery empowerment and the Embodiment of New Earth consciousness.

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Special Offer 3 Includes Offers 1 and 2:

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