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Passion Matrix Workshop & Group
Monetize Your Passion

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Personal 1-on-1 consulting session with Lauren Galey
(Plus Passion Matrix Course in Offer 1)

Offer 1 Includes:

Online Healing Retreat

Enlightened Entrepreneurs: Monetize Your Passion

A Coaching Course to Launch or Advance Your New Earth Business, Service or Organization.

Four 2-Hour Sessions in MP3 audio download

Includes Course Material plus 8 hours of Audio MP3 of Event Recording

You will leave with an Action Game Plan for Your Business!

PLUS! A LIVE Group Call to support your Passion Matrix with creative ideas to monetize your plan!

Are You Ready to Monetize Your Passion?

Online Healing Retreat Description:

  • If you are a Wayshower….
  • a Multidimensional Leader…..
  • a Healer
  • Spiritual Teacher….
  • Or if you are a Light(worker) Creator…
  • Or maybe you are ready to STEP INTO YOUR MASTERY and LIVE Your Passion, but you just need to know the next step to take

If you are any of these things or more, then I invite you to Step Up and Take the Next Great Step forward on your path.

Are you Ready to Step onto the World Platform?
Or at Least SHINE Your Brilliance?

If so, I invite you to join me for a powerful online course that will teach you how to get your teachings, your messages, your knowledge, your expertise, out to the world in a digital format, or in the best way for you to monetize your passion.

For so many, this is the CRUCIAL Step that is so hard to make. But because it’s been done by myself, and so many others, YOU can now follow suit with ease and grace, with more efficiency and success in a shorter amount of time.

The technology available today is so brilliant and beautiful, that now we can each do the work of ten people with today’s automation. This is GREAT News for anyone wanting to start their own gig or be their own boss because instead of doing monotonous mundane tasks required to run a business, we now have technology to do so much for us that it gets us out to a LOT of people, automates our business in many ways for us and it frees us up MORE of our Creativity to come forward!

You’re going to learn about the tools I use and others tools out there, that will automate your business and create an income stream for you so you can monetize your passion!

If you are ready, and only if you are ready, to step onto the world platform, stand in your God/Goddess Power, and bring your message to the world, then I invite you to join me in this webinar course that will give you the exact information you need to monetize your passion… I have met so many healers and spiritual Light Creators and Wayshowers who are definitely ready to follow their heart’s call, but they just need a little direction on how to REALLY take it up a notch. If this is you, then I’d like to show you exactly what you’re going to learn in this course.

Module 1: The Passion Matrix

Module 2: Monetizing Your Passion

The first module will help you identify your passion, skills and talents and weave them into a Matrix of Products & Services that you can offer in service to your mission.

The second module is the nuts and bolts of exactly how you monetize your passion and create income streams that reward your service.

If you’ve been hearing your heart’s call to do something new, embrace your passion, and step up your game, then please join us for this course to Monetize Your Passion.

Module 1: The Passion Matrix

First, we’re going to talk about passion. Are you really living your passion or do you just think you are? We’ll go through a Right Brain exercise that helps you discover and identify your many passions, even looking at what you loved to do as a child, and those things that you do where you get lost in time.

Then we’ll do a Left Brain exercise which identifies your skills and talents, including writing, singing, dancing, sports, office work, typing, knowledge and efficiency with various software programs, cognitive abilities, business experience, any planetary experience you are great at and anything you know and perform like the back of your hand – you will list everything you are extremely efficient at it and you enjoy doing.

With these two exercises in place, you’ll have a map in front of you in which you’ll Heart-Storm (brainstorm) about how you can weave a new Matrix of all your skills, talents and passions into something that you can monetize, earn an income from, and be rewarded for in an energetic exchange for your Service to Humanity and the Universe. This may be revealed immediately, or it may be revealed over time, in big or small doses. Regardless of how it unfolds, it will unfold, because it will be a creation of your Heart. Your Passion. And it will tune you in to your Authentic Self, doing that which makes your heart sing. And being provided for along the way!


  • Identify your passion: List building exercises to discover you passion, skills, talents and all things you do with great ease and efficiency.
  • Weave a New Matrix: Listing the above attributes in a matrix layout will help you identify your next steps.
  • Universal Laws for Business
  • Your Soul Path Number for Success

Module 2: Monetize Your Passion

The second module is the nuts and bolts of exactly how you monetize your passion. Now you’ve got you’re product and service ideas, how do you set them up for sale online, host webinars and sell the recordings? How do you get your services to others? How do you get yourself out to the world? We’ll cover eCommerce and email broadcast systems and identify which systems are best for your business. We’ll also talk about online webinar systems, how to conduct beautiful, never-let-them-see-you-sweat webinars and record the archive for future product sales. You’ll also learn a quick a simple social media approach that rewards your authenticity.

Notice: This course is for your own personal empowerment. It will provide you with powerful and valuable knowledge to assist you in moving forward on your business path of Monetizing your passion. This Course is NOT for anyone who does NOT want to make significant changes in their life!


  • Creating Products for Your Business/Services
  • Technology to Monetize Your Passion
  • Sell Your Services & Products Online to The World – eCommerce & Marketing Webpage, Social Media, Elements you must have Email broadcast systems, eCommerce accounts, paypal and more.
  • Six-Week Challenge – Action Steps and Implementation

A Note From Lauren Galey

If you’re ready to move forward in your healing practice or spiritual business AND you want to get your work out to the rest of the world, then this course will benefit you in many ways as it offers you a roadmap for success. The technology that supports us now has made it easier than ever to build a heart-based business and Monetize Your Passion.

This course gives you specific steps you can take to move your business forward as an empowered entreprenuer. After this course, you’ll have a personalized, customized plan of action for your own business and you’ll be well on the road to Monetizing Your Passion.

First, we’re going to learn a strategy to discover and identify your passion, and then you’ll learn how to weave a New Matrix that creates streams of income based on your passion, skills and talents.

Now, If you already know what your passion is, that’s great, you’re ahead of the game, but we’re going to go so deep in a brainstorm or “ heartstorm” session, that may surprise you by revealing new passions and interests that you hadn’t thought of before.

Here’s the best part – and maybe why you really want this course –You’re going to learn how to create new product lines and services based on these passions, and how to collect money for these products and services online or in person, by accepting credit card payments with your cellular phone.

You’re going to learn about new technology and some incredible software & online programs you can utilize to automate your business, grow your list of prospects, and get your teachings, services and products out to the world. Today’s technology really helps the entreprenuer do the work of 10 people….there are some amazing programs and we’ll talk about those that are relevant to your specific business.

You’ll learn about the most important and must-have elements for your website so you can always be capturing leads and have a system to easily send an email message to all your clients and prospects at once. You’ll also learn about the best online shopping carts, and what features you need or don’t need for your eCommerce site.

Again, If you’re ready to step up and into Monetizing Your Passion, please join me — it’s my goal to assist you as we have a lot of people who need the services and products of Healers and Spriitual Teachers. Together, we are changing the world….and I’d like to help you get on this path quickly and easily….Please join me for this 6-week online course Monetizing Your Passion.

This is a powerful year for forward progress, so let’s go and get your business started! Namaste.


You Will Leave with an Action Plan AND a Road Map for Your New Earth Business!!

Bonus 1

Online Healing Retreat

Goddesses Ascending Earth

A 4-Part Online Healing Retreat Master Class

Are you a Goddess Ascending Earth? This webinar series offers insight, guidance and techniques for you to bring forth the Goddess within you to fully emanate the Goddess energy into your world. The Arcturians have guided this creation and they will be present to offer messages and guidance on this process.

Includes 4 webinar sessions.

1) Session 1

Recover memories of your own innate wisdom, power, and love so that you can use the all-knowing Mother Gaia to reignite your innate, inner goddess energy.

Remember the qualities of the Goddess by taking you back to the Goddess Temples on Venus and the Pleiades where the Goddess is strong, confident, creative, and nurturing.

Meditations: A trip to Venus. A journey to the Pleiades.

2) Session 2

Discussing and remembering how to display the Goddess energy in your everyday life.

We will assist you to reveal how the Goddess is within you because YOU are the Goddess. Once you find the Goddess within yourself, you are called upon to project that Goddess energy out into your world.

Meditations: Finding the Goddess within. Projecting out your inner Goddess.

3) Session 3

How to use the Goddess Power of unconditional forgiveness, unconditional acceptance, and unconditional love to disallow victimization of your life.

Unconditional forgiveness, unconditional love, and unconditional acceptance are the tools used by ascending masters to rid themselves of all third dimensional illusions so that they could flash into Lightbody. However, in this NOW, you are taking Gaia with you!

Meditations: Perceiving/feeling/ projecting, Unconditional forgiveness, Unconditional acceptance, Unconditional love

You can only perceive, feel or project what you can imagine inside of your SELF.

4) Session 4

Realigning your self-image from being one person to being ONE who is in daily service to the Great Mother – planet Earth.

When your Goddess energy is no longer trapped within your 3D vessel, you will naturally move into the higher states of consciousness which are needed to actively participate in your own ascension.

Your expanded states of consciousness will also expand your ability to “heal Gaia” by unleashing the great creativity within YOU to work as ONE to “Birth New Earth.”

All the plants, animals, insects, fish are ready to transmute. It is ONLY humanity that is delaying Gaia’s return to Her/Your, true fifth dimensional expression.

Bonus 2

Online Healing Retreat with Lauren Galey

Manifesting New Earth by Living Your Soul Purpose

– with Judy Cali & Lauren Galey

2 Sessions (2 hrs each) MP3 Audio Downloads

  • In this 2-session series, we will be surrounded by Golden Beings of Light, and our Golden Dolphin as we call for our Diamond Golden Christed Sacred Heart Elder Self to step forth. From this place of Mastery and Sovereignty, we will align with the energies of the 11-11 Gateway to identify and empower our Soul Purpose, dream our biggest dreams, and create from the Sacred Heart. In this webinar series, you will discover:
  • How to Identify Your Soul Purpose or Soul Desire
  • How to use Sacred Geometry to Empower your Soul Purpose
  • How to Live Your Soul Purpose in Abundance
  • 5D Business Practices

YES! I want Lauren’s Special Offer  1

Offer 2 Includes:

Add a personal one-on-one consulting session with Lauren Galey

Plus get everything in Offer 1

Special offer Price : $197

Experience a 90-minute to 2 hour Private Personal Consultation with Lauren Galey who will give you guidance as a career intuitive. This will reveal your Soul Path Number and what you are here on the planet to do in this lifetime. You’ll also be given insight to your own entrepreneurial path and what steps, actions or systems you can take and implement in your personal business plan. This session is recorded for your future review.

YES! I want Lauren’s Special Offer 2