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Offer 1: The Seraphim Order  – 6 Source Code Initiations

“There’s no greater bliss than to know who you truly are….
And then Embodying that truth.”

Riana – The Seraphim


Heal your Emotional Pain Body and move from PAIN to PERSPECTIVE – with Seraphim Angel Riana Arendse (Erakiel) and the Highest Order of Angels, The Seraphim. The Seraphim appear in this cosmology as the highest ascended teachers available for mentoring us in how to actually embody our sovereign divine nature within human form. The SERAPHIM SYSTEM which Riana brings forth at this time includes 6 SOURCE CODES of initiation to embodying your Mastery as Creator. And this blueprint requires that enough space is created within you, through the release of the Pain Body, so that you no longer are triggered by and react to the world around you. Moving from Victimhood to Absolute Knowing and Power. And are then able to fully embody the Multidimensional holy spirit of your own soul pouring through you and expressing from that point of truth – embodying yourself as Creator. Shifting from PAIN to PERSPECTIVE. This Program serves as the Ascension Blueprint for those on the Awakening Path – known as The Seraphim Order. A timecode release of Sacred Secrets, DNA Upgrades, and Embodiment Energies are now Available for You.

You are Invited to Take the best big step Forward with the help of the Seraphim Angels and become and embodiment of the Truth of who you are.

The Highest Order of angels the SERAPHIM, lovingly reveals a series of Six exquisite Source codes, especially gifted by the Holy Seraphim of Source and are magically designed to rapidly shift you into embodying your natural pristine blueprint  and download immunity (physical, emotional and spiritual) from the software of the Source, the unified field of light. These upgrade codes download into the hardware of our cells, into the spiraling of our DNA, and thus we are changed forever at a cellular level. Within this field of Source Consciousness we will be guided through 6 Divine Initiations of Light, taking us ever deeper into Self-Mastery and Healing; into the sustaining Embodiment of our Divine Source, with the knowing of ourselves as the Creator and Divine Kings and Queens with the Highest Order of Angels, The Mighty Seraphim.

These new sacred codes help tune us to the wisdom of the cosmos and the vast possibilities of the library of the Akashic records and enable us to embody our sacred selves and manifest limitless possibilities.



  • Unable to get past the Healing Crisis phase along your Spiritual Awakening or Ascension journey?
  • Doing daily processes to keep your vibrations high but you still find yourself being triggered into a lower denser frequency?
  • Being fearful of certain people and situations (especially those who hold the power) a feeling that it is safer to live “invisible” and not draw too much attention to yourself.
  • A feeling that it is better to be agreeable and just go along with things
  • Get triggered more often than not – by each and every partner you are in a relationship with
  • Experiencing the same patterns in your life over and over, with money, relationships, career and so on even though you have done so much healing on yourself?
  • Attracting negative situations that Is not in alignment with what you truly want for yourself
  • The feeling of not being good enough or worthy, shows up in different ways: relationships making you feel that you are not important or feeling not appreciated. Or attracting little or no clients, jobs, lack of abundance and success.
  • Know you are here to do more, perhaps a healer or spiritual teacher but you are stuck and do not know how to start or put yourself out there in a bigger way?
  • Have been on the Ascension Awakening journey for a while but you are always still triggered and find yourself going 10 steps back instead of forward?
  • Feeling like no matter what you do you just cannot get ahead – nothing seems to work
  • Cannot sustain your embodiment with your Higher Self and Source
  • Cannot move completely out of victim mentality feeling like everything is happening TO you


Who and How would you be, and how much more of your TRUE essence would you be embodying – if you didn’t have any of that Conditioned Baggage of Limiting Beliefs, Energetic Blockages, Fears, and Years, Lives and Millenia of Emotional Wounds and Trauma holding you back from embodying your truth and embodying your God self??

These are all symptomatic of your specific and multidimensional PAIN BODY, which consists of mis-configured and misconstrued DNA patterning, as well as Active Trauma Programs, limiting subconscious beliefs and energetic agreements. Because Trauma can trigger physical and emotional symptoms, this must be released on all levels, physical, emotional and ancestral.

I created ‘Healing the Emotional Pain Body Program’ after many years of spiritual work and Healing on myself and others and accessing my Consciousness as a Seraphim Angel, and then partnering with the Highest Order of Angels, The Seraphs, in bringing these Codes – The Seraphim Order and Blueprint to humanity.


The Emotional Pain Body is the main cause of pain, drama, toxicity and suffering within humanity and within one’s life.

It is an accumulation of painful life experiences that was not fully faced and accepted in the moment it arose. It leaves behind an energy form of emotional pain. It comes together with other energy forms from other instances, and so after some years you have a “pain body,” an Energy Entity consisting of old emotion.

Some people live almost entirely through their pain body, while others may experience it only in certain situations, such as intimate relationships, or situations linked with past loss or abandonment, physical or emotional hurt, and so on. Anything can trigger it, particularly if it resonates with a pain pattern from your past. When it is ready to awaken from its dormant stage, even a thought or an innocent remark made by someone close to you can activate it.


To begin the journey of healing the Pain Body we must recognize that we all have the same problem and the same solution. Our problem is that we separated from the Divine, from our True Inner Essence and the solution is to return to that.

  • Our separation from LOVE

So why and how did we separate from love? From a spiritual perspective, our life’s hang-ups stem from this moment of separation, when our internal voice of fear (our ego) led us astray from love, compassion and oneness. Our separation from love can be the result of a traumatic experience or a seemingly insignificant event, conditioned beliefs instilled within us by society, family and just about anyone since growing up.

  • We will not be able to sustain our embodiment with Source

Another important reason why it is important at this time for us to heal our emotional pain body’s is to fully ascend and embody our true essence. For most of us on the spiritual path, healers, teachers, light workers and warriors, we find that alignment with Source but then before you know it, we are triggered, we are still living within old energies of the past, from past/parallel lives, some passed down to us through our lineage. If we do not heal our  pain body we will not be able to sustain the embodiment with our Higher Selves with Source as Source. Period.


  • Most of us on the spiritual path believe that raising your vibration is enough to move you into alignment with whatever you desire. However this is not complete truth. Raising your vibration takes practice and mastery to sustain. But what happens when we are triggered from that state or the mirror of our subconscious beliefs or traumas begin to stare us in the face? We fall back into a denser state of living in order to face that trauma and release it. It will continue to do so until the PAIN BODY is healed. Your Pain Body keeps you in a state of victimhood or victim mentality, and releasing this will allow you to claim yourself as the Creator and allow you to embody your true power as Source.
  • Making a commitment to heal our inner reality will certainly shift our external reality. And when we begin to heal the PAIN BODY, a higher state of consciousness/vibration will naturally be embodied. When our subconscious programming and beliefs are shifting, we will automatically moving into a higher octave of truth – thus living with more ease and grace.

The good news is that we can heal the Pain Body! My commitment to healing my own Emotional Pain Body after years of sexual abuse and darkness, has changed my life in profound ways.

All of this is available to you, too, when you do the Healing the Pain Body Series with the SERAPHIM of SOURCE!

Throughout this program, I’m going to ask you to suspend any disbelief you may have and open up to surrender your pain body to a power greater than you. If this is new to you, then get psyched! Endless freedom and grace are available to you when you receive spiritual guidance.

The fact that you are reading this, and were drawn to this, signals that you’re willing to and wanting to heal. You’re already on your way.

With this program you will completely transform your beliefs in your subconscious mind INSTANTLY and start living in abundance.

You will release all your biggest holds In this lifetime and multidimensionally THAT HAVE BEEN STUCK IN YOUR ENERGETIC FIELD, whether you’re aware of them or not.

This series is uniquely tailored to uncover both personal AND inherited energy patterns in all multidimensional lives. Including Seraphim Source Code Attunements, Light Code Activations and Integrating your future self. So that you can go from feeling powerless and truly step into your BEING and Mission. Uncover and remember your gifts and abilities and being more abundant and joyous within your life.

People have reported unbelievable & exciting breakthroughs in their career, money and relationships with Riana’s work.

With This Program you can instantly transform all your life to march toward your Mission with freedom & joy along with innumerable other benefits! However, you must heal your relationship with the Divine, yourself and with others. Limiting beliefs must be changed and any old traumas, wounds, contracts, vows on all dimensions must be released.

Once your energy is free from the clutter of unhealed relationships it’s time to soar toward your mission. When your mind space is free & clear you start attracting people, situations & opportunities aligned with your mission!

With this program you can CHOOSE to be done with the lesson learning, receive the lesson and then move on with enjoying your relationships, living an abundant life and stepping into your Purpose with ease!

However, the secret that no one is talking about is that your relationships are your biggest tools for your Acceleration, Growth & Transformation and are directly linked to your MISSION and PURPOSE on EARTH!

Your Relationships are actually, a feedback mechanism… they are tying back to your mission, this is where you’re holding yourself back or someone else is holding you back. Your most intimate relationships, with your parents, children and partner, are the biggest mirrors that reveal what is still out of alignment within you.

See your Emotional Pain Body in the Mirror of your Relationships, Heal the Pain Body with the Seraphim Angels and Step into your Power! Ascend into Infinite Consciousness! And Move from PAIN to PERSPECTIVE!


  • You will no longer be triggered by people, situations or events that you have previously triggered you
  • You will sustain a more consistent alignment with your Higher Self – with Source
  • Your intuitive gifts and talents will open up even further and others will be activated
  • Cellular Memory of ancestral imprints will be cleared
  • Vows, beliefs and traumas released from your family line
  • Feelings of anxiety or fear will dissipate
  • You will remember more and more of who you truly are
  • Allow physical healing to occur where it could have been blocked before past life clearing
  • Experience More clarity and understanding
  • Feeling more peaceful, balanced and together
  • Feeling lighter and experience a new level of freedom
  • Reprogram old thought patterns
  • Rewire unconscious behaviours
  • Free trapped energy
  • You will enter the temple of the Seraphim and receive your Golden Light Body which is an ancient technology that consists of all your lifetimes of mastery downloaded into your being now.
  • Relationships with self and others will dramatically improve
  • Abundance and Prosperity are now even more so aligned to your new frequency
  • Begin to live your purpose in a bigger and greater way
  • Attaining Higher Levels of Awakening, Mastery and Authenticity through embodying more of your unique soul’s blueprint

This practice offers many promises. Fear will disappear, compassion will replace attack, the energy of resistance will transform into freedom and you’ll feel more peace and happiness than you’ve ever known. I can testify to these results because I’ve lived them. I’ve never felt more freedom and joy than I have when my Pain Body healed and I began sustaining the embodiment with my Higher Self..

  • Lightworkers and Starseeds incarnated to help clear the pain body for your ancestors and the collective. This is big work, and we now have the support to fully transmute it…it is time to heal the pain body within ourselves which heals it in the collective.
  • The opportunity to release these timeline energies are now possible, not at the singular lifetime experience, but en masse, clearing multiple timeline experiences simultaneously. Your ascension process is the experience of all aspects of you within your God Self evolving and integrating back into Source.
  • You Are Source experiencing itself through energy and form, only to realize itself once again as Source – this is why it is important to claim this. In one of the modalities we will focus on the claiming of ones true self and in this call you will hear the benefits and necessity of doing so.
  • By releasing and healing our Emotional Pain Body multidimensionally as Source, we accelerate this process and become aware of ourselves as a direct expression of Source, which is the true expression of our embodiment. Period.

The complete Seraphim Order Package consists of TWELVE Energy Encoded MP3s, visualizations and meditation activations, that will completely transform your multidimensional Pain Body and allow you to start living your truth as Creator.

You will release all your biggest holds THAT HAVE BEEN STUCK IN YOUR ENERGETIC FIELD, whether you’re aware of them or not.

This series is uniquely tailored to uncover both personal AND inherited energy patterns multidimensionally within all your Pain Bodies.

The Seraphim transmit multidimensional dialects of sacred light information from Source through Riana. Every transmission and process offers frequency recalibrations, DNA activations, deep cellular clearing across multidimensional timelines and the opportunity to experience rapid shifts in all areas of your life.

The Highest Order of angels and Ascended Teachers available for mentoring us in how to actually embody our sovereign divine nature within human form are The SERAPHIM. A series of Six exquisite Source codes, especially gifted by the Majestic Seraphim of Source and are magically designed to rapidly shift you into embodying your natural pristine blueprint  and download immunity (physical, emotional and spiritual) from the software of the Source, the unified field of light. These upgrade codes download into the hardware of our cells, into the spiraling of our DNA, allowing us to be changed forever at a cellular level. Within this field of Source Consciousness, we will be guided through 6 Divine Initiations of Light, taking us ever deeper into Self-Mastery and Healing; into the sustaining Embodiment of our Divine Consciousness as Source, with the knowing and embodiment of ourselves as the Creator. The Seraphim that created this system chose to give out these energies in a specific sequence that harmoniously integrates with our nervous systems.

The system includes 6 major energies that synergistically interact to enhance our life-force energy and restore us to pristine condition. Each major energy has its own purpose and distinct quality that together provides a unique evolutionary pathway for Self-Realization. These codes will be personally integrated into your being by The Seraphim,The Seraph of Blessings, The Seraph of Song, The Seraph of Purity, The Seraph of Truth, The Seraph of Wisdom, The Seraph of Sovereignty and the Serephial of all Creation.

These SERAPHIM healing codes and initiations in this program require that enough space is created within you, through the release of the Pain Body, so that you no longer are triggered by and react to the world around you. Moving from Victimhood to Absolute Knowing and Power. This Program serves as the Ascension Blueprint for those on the Awakening Path – known as The Seraphim Order TM. A timecode release of Sacred Secrets, DNA Upgrades, and Embodiment Energies are now Available for You.

The intention of this program is to allow you to fully embody the Multidimensional holy spirit of your own soul pouring through you and expressing from that point of truth – embodying yourself as Creator. Shifting from PAIN to PERSPECTIVE. Many of you reading this now, are masters that have returned to this planet as Starseed lightworkers to help birth this next golden age of sovereignty and in which you came to embody your full divine blueprint. These initiations will support you in your rapid expansion to fulfil your mission now.


The Seraphim were designed as the Mightiest beings ever created within the universe. These flying serpentine Dragons are always associated with fire, the glory and holiness of God, singing the songs of Creation. They are a lineage within the highest angelic order who attends to the throne and light of Source, from which all of creation is birthed and created. They are responsible for having birthed and created worlds, species, and universes since the beginning of time. The Seraphim are the original creators of the divine human species prototype that were genetically designed with the potential to evolve into an embodied Christos consciousness.

The Holy Seraphim appear in this cosmology as the highest ascended teachers available for mentoring us in how to actually embody our sovereign divine nature within human form. And now they assist humanity and those who are ready to embody their true essence, in activating their embodiment as Creators.

The popular perception of the appearance of these Angels is of Mighty Dragons with 8 majestic wings, 4 sets in total. Each Seraph radiates powerful light – a light so powerful that even Thrones and Cherubim cannot look at them. Their message to us is that we have all been designed to create as Source creates, for the light of Source is within us all.

The Seraphim reminds us that as angelic beings they too have free will, however they choose to consecrate their free will to the divine will of Source within.

The Seraphim introduces an advanced spiritual system that has been dormant for thousands of years. Thousands of years ago The Seraphim created a cosmology of initiations and codes. The Seraphim taught these ancient codes during a golden age thousands of years ago, in mystery schools, initiating masters and teachers to their full embodiment as creators, activating their individual gifts and superpowers. The Seraphim are known to initiate all beings, before ordaining them as Ascended Masters.

The Mighty Seraphim usually only steps forward and make themselves visible and known when humanity reaches or graduates to a certain point of evolution. And now they bring their mighty power and wisdom forth and are ready to assist us in our sovereign embodiment. They appear to humanity now as guides and mentors to initiate us into the next golden age.

Riana being an incarnated Seraphim Angel whose soul originates from the Angelic Realm, has now been commissioned in this incarnation to partner with the order of the Seraphs to bring forth the The Seraphim Order (Ascension Blueprint) to serve the collective during the Ascension Process and Golden Age. Assisting in repairing Mother Earth’s light body as well as mentoring Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Earth Angels and Starseeds for the initiation and embodiment of the Golden Light Body of Creatorship. Riana brings forth the Teachings of Seraphim Wisdom, Knowledge, Unconditional Love and the Powerful Seraphim Order, which is designed to activate your unlimited potential as a Sovereign Divine Creator.

Here’s what’s included in this Offer: 

  • Pre-Audio PDF Workbook
  • Multidimensional Declaration of Sovereignty — MP3
  • Level 1 Seraphim Source Code Initiation — MP3
  • Level 2 Seraphim Source Code Initiation — MP3
  • Level 3 Seraphim Source Code Initiation — MP3
  • Level 4 Seraphim Source Code Initiation — MP3
  • Level 5 Seraphim Source Code Initiation — MP3
  • Level 6 Seraphim Source Code Initiation — MP3


  • Seraphim Angelic Light Language Transmission 10min— MP3
  • Access to Riana’s Private VIP Facebook Online Community
  • 6 Sacred Attuned Holy Seraphim MANDALA’S
  • PDF Copy of Riana’s Book YOU ARE THE CREATOR
  • 21 days of Seraphim Remote Healing
  • Integrating to Wholeness 4 Part Course

Item 1: Pre-Audio PDF Workbook (value $20)

This workbook is a pre-analysis done by you prior to you listening to the first Source Code. These work through questions will prepare your body for multidimensional release and bring deeper issues to the forefront for processing and transformation. The questions in this workbook might seem simple, however it has been designed by the Holy Seraphim of Source to prepare your field and initiate and unravel important soul lessons that your soul wants you to learn before the actual shifting of the old.

Item 2: Multidimensional Declaration of Sovereignty MP3 (value $85)

  • Declaring your Sovereignty as an infinite Being of Light And connect to the eternal and infinite part of yourself. In this process connecting to Source and your Infinite Self, you will claim the truth of who you are, in so doing, any vows, oaths, beliefs, contracts that does not resonate with the Highest Version of yourselves will be transmuted and released.
  • This will be the precursor before the initiation of the Source Codes, as this will allow the claiming of Source as YOU to begin to be embodied more deeply and more permanently within your reality. Allowing you to go beyond clearing, processing and healing to a life that is created from your soul’s abundance, consciously designed by YOU.
  • This session will focus on breaking the shackles keeping your oversoul stuck within the belief structure of the matrix. Allowing you to claim the truth of who you are as Source as the Creator, will ignite a power within you like never experienced before.

Item 3: Level 1 Seraphim Source Code Initiation MP3 (value $85)

  • The Seraphim Source Code Angelic Attunement. The Angelic Team and I are ready to assist you in this sacred work. This is the process that has come to support you in unleashing your light and contributing your unique Soul Signature. Aligning and attuning you to the Seraphim Angelic Frequency of Light. Once attuned, you will automatically shift into an even higher octave and state of consciousness.
  • This code also gives us tools to communicate directly with the Seraphs who can partner with us to help this planet in its many transitions.
  • As well as experience a 12th Dimensional Ascension Activation with the Seraphim. When you listen to this activation, you will be wrapped in the angelic wings of the Seraphs and reach up into the higher dimensions of existence…Activating your ascension codes, and awakening your soul mastery…You will be supported energetically in transmuting lower vibrations blocking you from the higher dimensional realms of existence. While you lift up and enjoy basking in 12th Dimensional Crystalline Light.
  • You will receive the blue flame of wholeness in your heart portal from the Seraph of Sovereignty in order for genetic coding and divine insights to be restored.

Item 4: Level 2 Seraphim Source Code Initiation MP3 (value $85)

(I AM Divine and Sovereign)

  • The Seraphim Source Code for Healing your Physical and Emotional Pain Body.
  • Your relationships are the Portal to accessing your Divine Sovereignty, and your gifts in order to fulfill your mission. It is a direct mirror to what is still out of alignment within you. It is the greatest key to your rapid expansion. In this Energetic infused meditation, you will be given the Source Codes and initiated into healing your biggest blocks that causes the greatest dis-ease within your being. This in inclusive of cutting of chords and completing of Soul Contracts. Also healing the relationship with yourself, others and with God Source.
  • To attain higher levels of awakening, it is important to keep your energetic bodies pristine. The Seraphim Angels will scan your individual timelines to clear any blockages and limitations which can prevent you from reaching your highest purpose, which continuously becomes active within your individual Pain Body. This code heals us physically and Emotionally, laying the foundation for spiritual growth. Being initiated into this source code of energies allows for a sense of greater internal union and a stronger immune system.
  • Healing the Physical manifested Pain Body will release the Blockages that have become so deeply engrained that it has now become a physical dis-ease.
  • Healing the Emotional Pain Body will remove all multidimensional traumas from past, present, parallel and future timelines, creating more space within your field in order to begin embodying your Mastery and Divine Sovereignty.
  • You will receive a blessing from the Seraph of Purity.

Item 5: Level 3 Seraphim Source Code Initiation MP3 (value $85)

(I AM the Embodiment of Truth)

  • The Seraphim Source Code to release Subconscious Limiting beliefs and Untruths.
  • This code heals our multidimensional Subconscious limiting beliefs. Riana along with the Seraphim speaks directly to the subconscious mind allowing all deeply held limiting beliefs to finally be released.
  • Replacing these with beliefs of the Highest Order and Highest Truths of your divinity.
  • The Seraph of Truth will place a diamond crystal scull within your crown to anchor Divine Truth within your Being.

Item 6: Level 4 Seraphim Source Code Initiation MP3 (value $85)

(I AM a Keeper of Divine Wisdom and Knowledge)

  • The Seraphim Source Code of Sacred Geometry.
  • This code is about breaking down karmic boundaries that limit our accomplishments in this lifetime. The key energies enhance rapid evolution. This code is the supreme organizing power of the universe, and also the power to progressively remove karmic limitations instantaneously.
  • As you begin to download the 3 Sacred Geometric Symbols of magnetic light, you will notice how natural it feels to recognize yourself as an angelic embodiment on earth. You are simply claiming your right to fully embody your creatorship in form. You did not travel all this way to play small, you came here to move as the one Source on earth, birthing and creating miracles in form.
  • Your wisdom, gifts and abilities from all your timelines will be scanned and downloaded to you through the initiation of these sacred Codes.
  • You will receive a blessing from the Seraph of Wisdom

Item 7: Level 5 Seraphim Source Code Initiation MP3 (value $85)


  • The Seraphim Source Code for Miracle Manifestation.
  • This helps us to more quickly achieve our personal desires as well as cosmic purpose. Receiving fulfilment on a personal level allows us to aspire to higher goals. The key powers promote intent, willpower and wish fulfilment.
  • Specific initiations include harmonizing with our multidimensional selves and Activating our soul’s blueprints in respect of our individual gifts and abilities. Allowing us to speak miracles, create miracles and embody miracles as the complete and sovereign Creators. Claiming and embodying your Divine Sovereignty is having the full right and power of a governing body over yourself.
  • You will receive a blessing from the Seraph of Blessings.

Item 8: Level 6 Seraphim Source Code Initiation MP3 (value $85)


  • The Final Seraphim Source Code for the Golden Light Body Activation. This code helps us to adjust to the real cosmic forces that our bodies experience as our planet hurls through space at thousands of miles per second. This level maximizes the use of the physical vehicle to the expanding universe. Our individual bodies are holographic pieces of the entire universe. This initiation repairs the damaged parts in our holographic etheric bodies and helps us to adjust to an expanding universe. Allowing us to hold more Light within our Bodies.
  • This initiation will give you rites of passage to enter the Temple of the Highest Angels of Seraphim in order to receive this Initiation of Full Embodied Creatorship.
  • It will enable you to access and activate your dormant DNA as well as Activating and Downloading your Unique Golden light Body with the Mighty Seraphial, bringing in the Seraphim diamond light codes that will assist in activating your remembrance of the fullness and truth of who you are – as the Creator in form.
  • Golden music notes will be placed in your throat chakra by the Seraph of Song, connecting you totally to omnipresent energy. As these initiations that Riana brings forth continue to integrate within your being, the Source Code within you will operate your human awareness at increasingly higher frequencies.
  • When the gift of the Celestial Star arrives above the 12th chakra the initiation will be complete. The Master within you may them solely focus on your purpose in this lifetime and the creations you so choose to birth from the divine will of the Source. You will confidently claim your birth right to speak miracles, create miracles and embody miracles on behalf of humanity. This Golden Light Body is specifically designed for you – integrating qualities and lifetimes of mastery from your oversouls blueprint.
  • The final initiation will be completed by the Seraphial of Creation.

Bonus Items

Item 9: Seraphim Angelic Light Language Transmission MP3 (value $22)

This 10-minute audio is a Seraphim Angelic Light Language Transmission. Singing Songs of Release and Transmitting the Highest Frequencies of Unconditional Love into your Heart. This audio can be listened to at any time, attuning you instantly to the vibration of Source. Allowing you to be infused in a container of Creatorship, Power, Love and Divine Knowing. Aligning you to your Highest timeline potentials with the activation of the eternal and infinite consciousness that resides within your physical being. This transmission brings the “I Am” frequency online and serves as the foundation to embody the Higher Self. Experience the release of the old and more freedom than ever before as you move into embodiment with the divine wisdom that you are. This is a short but extremely powerful and emotional Transmission of Releasing and Embodiment.

Item 10: Lifetime Access to Riana’s Private VIP Facebook Support Community (value priceless)

This is a wonderful opportunity for Seraphim Initiates. You will get lifetime access to Riana’s private VIP community Riana created just for you!

It’s a safe space for you to grow, share, explore, and just be present with the likeminded Community and The Seraphim Angels. Riana will be available in the group to answer questions that may come up during the program or call to help clear issues that are keeping your stuck, offer guidance, spirit downloads, bring you needed support, and help you on your journey back to your natural state of perfection!

You’ll also be able to freely and openly share with others who are going through this process with you. Riana will also share wonderful upcoming new insights, bonuses and discounts to this wonderful Private VIP group.

Item 11: 6 Sacred Attuned Holy Seraphim MANDALAs (JPG) (value $80)

This sacred Mandala has been encoded with the LOVE AND WISDOM ENERGIES of the Seraphim Angels to attune you to the fields of Divine Unconditional Love, Light and Grace that are streaming forth directly from Source.

Create a field of protective and healing grace by saving a copy of the JPG to your phone, PC or tablet for meditation or to use as your screen background. The swirling light codes of the Seraphim Angelic Frequencies attuned with intent by Seraph Erakiel which will constantly and effortlessly lift you into the Divine fields of limitless grace, transformation and abundance.

Item 12: PDF copy of “YOU ARE THE CREATOR” (value $19)

When you purchase this package, you will receive a PDF copy of Riana’s best selling book, YOU ARE THE CREATOR. This words in the book is encoded with High Frequency Attunements, Activations and Initiations, whether or not you implement the processes in the book. If you are truly ready to Un-become and move to the next level of your spiritual journey, this book will not have fallen in your lap by accident. It was called to YOU by YOU.

What people have to say about Riana’s Best Selling book:

“I’m about halfway through the book and am driven to write a review already as I am astounded at the level of peace and acceptance I’ve arrived at from following this process.
I had two major traumas in my childhood that have formed the rest of my life (there are others but these two were the biggies), and now at 45, I finally feel completely accepting of these memories. More than that, I feel a deep and powerful love towards my young self who directly experienced these things. I was able to go back and BE THERE for that terrified child and I cannot quite put into words the massive gratitude I feel towards the author for this amazing gift.
What I’ve read so far is intelligent, well written, well delivered, passionate and so easy to comprehend.
I never write reviews after getting trolled by another Amazon reviewer many years ago, but I have to come out of my hiding place to write this one! What a powerful system and what a profound effect!! Thanks Riana Arendse!”

Thomas S


“I was experiencing crippling anxiety, and due to lack of insurance, I was unable to seek help. I was worried about my relationships and jobs suffering due to this and found myself in constant fear of a breakdown. I found this book and it literally changed my life. Recommend this to anyone. Very thankful for this book. Everyone should read this book. Riana Arendse is a spiritual teacher she guides you how to master this process called awakening and how to heal, how to deal with painful emotions, how to awaken from the preconditioned self – by this I mean the person you think you are but really it’s just a lot of ideas and beliefs coming from teachers, parents, religion, this book will free you from that old self and become free to live in the now. This includes beliefs that humanity has reached the pinnacle of its development, that we are completely separate from each other, from nature and the cosmos, and that the physical world is all there is. Based on his own personal transformation, Riana brilliantly shows us how to rise above our conscious thoughts and overcome our fears by ending our delusion of time to exist and gain great pleasure from stepping into the truth of our existence. It is the quality of our consciousness at this moment that is the main determinant of what kind of future we will experience, so to surrender is the most important thing we can do to bring about positive change. An incredible book that immediately dispels myths about attitudes that have a profound impact on our relationships and the way we live our lives.’

Randall B


“I gave myself time to practice the Un-becoming Process daily before writing a review. It is life changing to say the least. With regards to the process itself, every single time I found myself in GREAT surprise by what was mirrored through my awareness’s, which reflected in others triggers within me. Moreover, over time I have learned that giving as much time needed to each step (once the whole process lasted 3 hours) the more insightful and “healing” it is.
Long story short- if there is one self-help book I would recommend to everyone (I have read many!) it would be this one. It is practical, you gain an insane amount of self-awareness, spiritual growth and confidence.”

Jamie T

Item 13: 21 days of Seraphim Remote Healing  (value $150)

These remedies broadcast twice daily for 21 days and allow you to connect to the frequencies of releasing traumas from your multidimensional lives, and to address your mental, emotional, etheric, spiritual, nadis, auras, core, channel, chakras and so much more! )

In this 21 day transmission directly from the temple of the Seraphim, we will download the higher dimensional diamond light codes and frequencies and create a solid container to Awaken and directly experience your soul frequencies and gifts. Each person who signs up for this package will specifically be imbued in the energies of the Seraphim and held in a golden container of love, abundance and prosperity. What unfolds during and after these 21 days are limitless and miraculous!

Item 14: Integrating to Wholeness Course (includes 4 MP3 Audios) (value $97)

A beautiful precursor for the Initiations of the Seraphim order program. In this program you will discover the 3 predominant Core Aspects of your current expression. To facilitate expansion of your self-awareness and understanding, this process will allow these personas and aspects to be integrated back into wholeness again. I have created a powerful process, called The Core Resolution Process which I inevitably created when healing myself from deep past traumas and abuse. This technique clears all aspects from the inception, from all lives, timelines en masse.

To do this I call in each the 3 dominant fractured aspects of you and any lifetimes that these aspects are connected to, regardless of how many there are. I then create a gravitational force using the elements of fire and wind, drawing all these aspects into the circle, releasing them from traumas and untruths. Calling all their soul fragments back and integrating them all back into wholeness within your being now.

This immediately provides liberation and an acceleration of your Oversoul’s Ascension journey. Creating shifts on all Levels.

You will then be taken through a process in part 4, where your Higher Self holds space for you to merge your energy field with Source, through the letting go of the Small Self, or the attachments to it.

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Offer 2: The Seraphim Order 333 Trinity Initiation (only)

15 minute recorded audio (ONLY) 

This is a 15 minute recorded audio that Riana will record and send directly to you. In this audio Riana will connect directly to your HigherSelf to transmit these 3 source code initiations.

Connect to the Power of Three. 3 3 3. The sacred Trinity.

These 3 Source Codes Riana just recently received during her NDE. It is an addition to the Seraphim Order BluePrint, and is designed to bring the mind, body and spirit into Coherence, speeding up your spiritual path and allowing for the embodiment of your soul to be easily integrated.

The Divine Mother. Holy Father. Sacred Child. The Trinity. The Holy Trinity of Life inside your Heart. Connect. Sacred Child. Holy Father. Divine Mother. Connect to all aspects inside of yourself. Become the Sacred Child, the Innocent child, the playful joyful, wise child. Become the Holy Father. Connect to the Holy Masculine frequencies inside of yourself. Support yourself. Create Sacred Space. Connect to Wisdom. Inner guidance. Strength. Truth. Light. See yourself as your own Sacred space holder.

Connect to the Divine Mother inside yourself. Everywhere. Pure Love. Caring Wisdom. Softness. Gentle compassion. And so much understanding. Unconditional Love.

The separation was an illusion.

It’s time to integrate, to embody all parts that were once segregated. And now ready to merge. Connect to your Original Divine Blueprint Now.  Carrying the Codes of Christ Consciousness wherever you go. Radiating it out into the Earth, the Crystal grids, into the fields of those whom you meet.

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Offer 3: The Seraphim Mastery Upgrade – 30 min Personal Session

Offer 3: The Seraphim Mastery Upgrade

30-Minute Personal Session with Riana – Via Skype Call

** LIMITED AVAILABILITY – 30 Sessions **

This is your unique opportunity to experience a private session with Riana.

Riana will tune into your Blueprint and offer new and detailed insights.

With her Team of Angels, and Masters, Riana will gently and lovingly guide you through your healing process with ease, comfort, and joy. A customized transmission and activation from the Seraphim Angels to clear away what’s blocking you to receive on every level. We will clear out any contracts, chords and beliefs no longer serving you and catapult you into the next level of your spiritual evolution. Riana will perform a full body check and institute the necessary clearings to restore you to your core divine blueprint. There will also be an activation included in this session, designed specifically for your individual life purpose.

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Offer 4:  Both Offers 1 & 2

Download and Experience both the Seraphim Order Program and the 333 Trinity Initiation.  Immediate download with bonuses.

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Offer 5:  All 3 Offers – 1, 2 & 3

Get Access to All 3 Offers on this page:  The Seraphim Order Program, the 333 Trinity Initiation PLUS a 30 minute personal session with Riana and the Seraphim.

YES! I want Riana’s Special Offer 5 for $444

Offer 6:  Seraphim Mentorship & All 3 Offers

6 Weekly Group Call Mentorship Training with the Holy High Seraphim of Source

with Riana Arendse (value $2202)

April 2 to May 7, 2021

6am PDT / 7am MDT / 8am CDT / 9am EDT/ 3pm GDT

This is a unique opportunity for Initiates to be mentored and trained by the Holy Seraphim. It consists of 6 Weekly Group Calls for initiates to be mentored even more deeply by the Mighty Seraphim.

Each week we will focus on and go even deeper into each Source Code initiation and receive even further upgrades and elevation on your own individual path of ascension, embodiment, and evolution. This intimate mentorship will allow for much more rapid transformation, as we are being guided, receiving weekly activations, clearings, blessings, and training in embodying our Mastery.

These mentorship group sessions will allow these divine truths to be more deeply anchored into our bodies and psyches. After these Activations there will be a definite and permanent change to your emotional and physical structure, allowing you to begin to fully embody your divine fullness.

(Live + Recordings will be available)

YES! I want Riana’s Special Offer 6 for $666

What People have to Say…

“This programme has changed my life completely! Going through the 6 codes has opened up my gifts and abilities from past lives of mastery and allowed me to fully step into my life purpose now. The shifts were extraordinary, within listening to just 1 code of initiation I shifted thousands of lifetimes of pain, trauma and beliefs. And I can truly say I am beginning to embody my higher self more and more each day, seeing the miraculous manifestations of my new light body. I still feel the collective seraphim with me all the time. It is the most powerful frequencies I had ever encountered, literally takes my breath away. Thank you Angel Riana, you are truly an Angel of the highest order and because of you and this programme I no longer live in untruth but within the Sovereignty of my divine inheritance. Bless you!”


– Kathy Lebinsky – Melbourne, Australia

“I have recently started listening to the recorded Initiation MP3, I have not ceased to be amazed. The Initiations are beyond anything I could possibly have imagined. Already I am remembering my past lives and seeing a huge change in my external life. Thank you Riana for your courage, wisdom and love and for bringing forth The Seraphim Order to our awareness.”


– Monica Brown


“I had the pleasure of interviewing beautiful Riana on my podcast a few months ago. Thereafter Riana gave me the most beautiful reading and healing that I’ve had for a long time. And being a spiritual scientist and channel for Source for a very long time, I very rarely work with people and i’m quite choosy, but with Riana I just felt this real affinity with her. And I was blown away by what she was seeing, reading and the healing that came through, it was just absolutely beautiful on many many levels and some of the things that she told me was just incredible, and for her to tell me that was amazing. It was absolutely brilliant! I highly recommend her!”


-Susan Kennard  (Internationally Renowned Spiritual Scientist and Founder of Awaken Your Gifts – Sparkle to Success)


“I suffered from anxiety and depression and really wanted to heal and start living again. I had my first session with Riana as I was ready to begin my healing journey. She is more than just a therapist, she is a healer, a teacher and so much more.

After our first session, I felt like a new person I went through total transformation. I smiled more, laughed more, talked more, I practically came out of hiding, I was happier and more me. If my journey with Riana was a book or a movie it would be called how Stacey got her groove back.”

Riana is a gem!


-Stacey Hitter – Cape Town, South Africa


“This journey has been one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced! I’m in so much gratitude! Almost EVERYTHING that comes up now, is just observed and thanked then let go. So, Riana, With all my heart, I thank you for all of the work that I have been doing with you because for the first time in my life, I FEEL TOTALLY SAFE!!!!! I deeply know, I HAVE CHANGED, therefore everything else is ALSO changing!”


-Deidre Samuels – Spain


“Riana’s work is amazingly potent. She resides in a space of immense depth and clarity. From that view she is able to help illuminate what is not fully seen. Her intuition is laser sharp and accurate as she skillfully, compassionately, supports deepening into truth and freedom. Her presence offers an embrace of unconditional love and safety. She is the Divine Feminine embodied both in her gentleness and her strength.”


-K Timothy – Toronto, Canada


“Had the most wonderful healing session !!!i had never had one before so I was a little skeptical on how someone could do this without being near me, but I could feel the energy and tingling in my body as she was working on me. I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, high anxiety, depression. And I feel so energized right now it’s amazing. So hard to explain. I just want to smile which I don’t do much .. thank you so much for my healing you are the best… much love to you Riana Thank you for unblocking me and opening me up.”


-Kimberly Grayson – Orlando, Florida


“Riana is a kind and an extremely knowledgeable Soul. She is shockingly gifted and will help you find that light inside your soul.”


-Stacey Donohue – Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania


“Working with Riana has help me connect me to who i truly am. The perfect quote i can use to explain this is “I am the Soul and this is my body”…(Read that about 3 to 5 times) I am the soul and this is my body. I found myself and found my soul purpose. Within chasing that i find myself subject to a lot of blessings and in another chapter in my life that i am looking very much forward too :). Its been a while since i have been this excited but i say BRING IT ON!”


-Angelo Craig – Cape Town, South Africa


“WOW, is all I can say!!! just had a healing session with this beautiful soul and I’m totally blown away by how I felt during and now after our session. I could feel the angelic energy during our session and have came away from it feel lighter, happy and much for confident. Very excited for my future but at the same time happy to be in the moment 💜💫. “


-Diane Harris – Liverpool, England


“I don’t think I could thank Riana enough. Literally felt and saw her angelic energy in my healing. And I feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! . Thank you again so much. Love and light.


-Terry Lumpkin – New York


“This beautiful woman is truly connected to spirit. you know deep within that you are genuinely listening to spirit in that exact moment. I just felt surrounded in love.”


-Christina Schram -Montreal, Quebec


“I’m like a newborn woman emerging from my cocoon. Expanding out of the shell of my lesser self, becoming the true expression of who I truly am! What a great feeling!

My relationship is flowing beautifully and abundance flows to me easily!

Thank you soooo much Riana!”


-Jessica Lake – Syosset, New York


“Just feeling exceedingly grateful as I realized that this program is creating some pretty significant changes in my life – the kind I always dreamed of! THANK YOU RIANA!”


-Emma Landry – Toledo, Ohio


“It feels like I am looking at the world with new and fresh eyes.. looking forward for further integration.:)” my whole body feels different.. I can think more using my heart.. the program is straight out of a science fiction movie.. 6 audio files that can change the perception of living the everyday life.. Riana can speak parsel tongue to remind every Harry Potter on the planet of his/her true nature”.


-Sandesh M R – India