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Transformational Healing Session with Sound Healing and Music Audios and
Complimentary 3 month membership in Online Ascension Update and Q and A

Special Offer Includes:

In our healing session, I open a field of synergy to connect my guides to your guides and higher self. From there, the session unfolds bringing forth to you what your soul is most needing at this juncture. Each session is completely unique depending on the individual but often contains some or all of the following:  sound and soul song prescriptions, timeline repair, emotional body clearing, implant removal, diamond body activation

The 2nd offering  is a group of sound healing/guided imagery meditations : 4 guided imagery meditations imagery and 4 sound healing  audios to soothe and align you with your I am presence and the benevolent love of divine mother. Also included is my CD of 11 Songs from my blossoming in love CD and Children’s CD, Sing a Song of Joy


Item 1: Transformational Healing Session

60 minutes

In our session, I will join with you in calling forth your next level embodiment as we release limiting beliefs and blocked emotions though sound and light codes, past life regression, timeline repair, implant removal to deliver to you what your soul is most needing at this time


Item 2: Sound Healing Audio Series

90 min

These are special sound healing  tracks of cello, voice, crystal bowl and synthesizer designed to soothe the nervous system and draw you into states of theta brain waves where deep healing can take place. Four  of the tracks also contain guided journeys to assist your relaxation and sweet deliverance into the sea of benevolent love.

Item 3: Blossoming in Love CD download

A series of 11 songs

60 minutes

These are songs of affirmation and healing, especially soothing to the heart and the will. All carry    the intention of drawing you deeper into the heart of the Divine

Item 4: Children’s Sing a Song of Joy CD

Sarah’s original children’s Songs, sure to delight the heart of a child. 8 songs,

@35 minutes

Item 5: 3 months Complimentary Membership in Sarah’s Online Ascension Updates and Q and A

These calls will be held every second Thursday in Dec, Jan and February at 5:30 P.M-7:00 P.M. over the Zoom platform  with playback recording available. In these calls, Sarah will lead us through a short meditation; then present a planetary update followed by Questions.

Three  90 minute Calls

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What Others Have to Say about Sarah

‘Sarah Adams is uniquely gifted sound healer, light language alchemist, and inspired intuitive. Sarah is a deeply caring, compassionate and generous soul.
I have had several powerful healing sessions with Sarah, all of them unique and extraordinary. Most recently, Sarah did a sound healing session with me, uncovering a past life issue around my throat chakra that had kept me blocked
and bound to a deep limitation, both vocally and energetically. She literally blasted open the gates to my true power and true voice, liberating lifetimes of negation, abandonment and limitation, and freeing me to expand into the truth of my soul purpose in this lifetime. In the past month since my session with Sarah, my voice has been stronger, clearer, warmer and more expressive in every way, and I feel profound freedom when I sing and speak. Also, my channel to the Divine has opened wide to receive word pearls of wisdom that flow through me with grace and ease; I’m feeling my gifts soaring as a
deeper connection to my creativity has been birthed since my session with Sarah. Sarah is a soul on a mission to serve the awakening of the planet. She cares deeply about each person she encounters in life, and her compassion and genuine love spill over into every encounter with her. Sarah’s devotion and divine gifts make her a profoundly powerful healer, seer, and sage oracle healer.’

Gerrand: Client


“I am forever changed and grateful for my healing session with Sarah. What  started as a Gene Keys reading turned into a past life integration/ Emotional Freedom Session that took me on an unexpected journey through unacknowledged and forgotten parts of myself. It was exactly what was needed for me at the moment, and it feels as if a great weight of confusion has been permanently lifted off of my shoulders. I am amazed by Sarah’s sweet open heartedness and remarkable healing presence that shines through in every interaction as well as her deep wisdom and knowledge of complex metaphysical concepts. I highly recommend seeking her council for anyone on the healing path” T.C. Client

Sarah is a rare jewel. Forged through the fires of her own awakening, ascension process and planetary service mission, Sarah has cultivated immense gifts of healing and clarity to uniquely assist others on their journey. When you think that no one could possibly understand what you are going through – be it energetic, emotional, or physical… call Sarah. From my first session with Sarah, I was so amazed and grateful that not only could she hold space for the intensity of my physical ascension symptoms (which so few can truly see or understand) and emotional process, but she was also able to attune to my light body with surgical precision to bring through incredibly specific and accurate information, context and healing tools that immediately created relief in my nervous system, and allowed me to relax into the process with exactly the pieces I needed to expand into a larger context of support of what was happening. This incredible skill and gift Sarah possesses brings tremendous cohesion, peace and trust to what can feel like an entirely overwhelming experience. Along with this capacity for laser energetic assessment and higher self communication, Sarah exudes a soft, unconditionally loving powerful, Feminine presence that is a healing force unto itself, making me feel safe, held and loved in the healing and revealing process. Thank you Sarah!!

S.Scoville:  Client

Sarah is someone who works from the heart. She is compassionate, gentle, kind, and never judgmental, and she is very approachable. Sarah is also very committed to the people she works with and always goes the extra mile. She has touched my life and my heart in countless ways and her talents have aided in my healing while I suffered from some type of mystery illness. Sarah worked with restoring the fragmented aspects of myself, she has done inner child work with me and she has done sound healing. I love the way she works with the whole person and how committed she is to those whom she has helped. Thank you Sarah for all that you do from the bottom of my heart!”  Kendra Jonas, client


The session Sarah did for me a few days ago, and the tips that she gave me were very very helpful!! Just as she described, I woke up feeling the shift! In this time when the vibration we align with determines our experience, Sarah really assists with moving us into alignment with our highest timelines by helping us release the thought forms and emotions that no longer serve us, that are weighing us down. She then points the way to the new timeline and with sound and light and love, guides us there. I highly recommend a session with Sarah for anyone who is struggling with this incredibly intense evolution of our minds and entire beings! Her journey has been extremely broad and deep and wide, experiencing directly this evolution within every fiber of her being! She has accompanied me in the deepest places. Her great compassion has soothed this rocky road of extremes of emotions and been a wonderful companion on my journey.

 L. Oneil: Client