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5-Live 1 1/2 hour classes with focused Activations

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Option 1 Plus 1 hour Private zoom session

Offer 1: 5-Live 1 1/2 hour classes with focused Activations

Experience 5-Live 1 1/2 hour classes with focused Activations

Cathleena will take you through an Activation of the Torus Motion with a clearing of the Unified field. This will create a Zero point in the field to begin to focus on the distortions that have been created all three layers of the Torus.

These 5 sessions with focus on the Mental or Masculine layer of the Torus Motion.

The Activation will highlight the areas in your body that are out of balance because of the distortion in the masculine layer of the Torus. These are based on beliefs that are keeping you from perfect health, success, and overall wellbeing.

After the Activation there will be a definite and permanent change to your physical structure, allowing you to begin to fully step into the person you have always meant to be.

Cathleena will guide you through the process and explain what is happening along the way. After the end of the 5th session, 2 weeks following there will be a session available for questions and answers from the experiences that occurred after the sessions.

Week 1 Activation for creating the foundation of your physical presence on the earth

This session will focus on how your body is functioning and how you move physically in your daily life on the earth. The emphasis will be directly on your physical body. Here will begin to define the frequencies that are currently effecting your physical body.

Week 2 Activation for clearing some set points that are effecting your physical movement on the Earth

This session will focus on emotional set points that are creating patterns in your physical body. We then will uncover and release these to allow for the physical body to begin to vibrate at its own unique frequency. This is the first steps toward true perfect health.

Week 3 Activation for clearing the mental beliefs that keep you in patterns that loop back on themselves

This session will focus on how you stay trapped in your head with beliefs that are effecting the physical movement within your body and how you physically move upon the earth.

Week 4 Activation for releasing the lineage beliefs that keep the cellular DNA in charge instead of your Crystalline DNA

This session will focus on the deeper subconscious beliefs that are controlling the cellular movements within your physical body. This session will be the most profound of all so far and may be the most emotional. This will be opening doors to the past and creating very profound releases.

Week 5 Activation to create Zero Point within your Mental/Masculine layer of the Torus

This session will take all the information collected from the previous sessions together to release the old patterning and create a Zero Point. This will allow you to experience your physical body from Pure Presence. This session is also a beginning to connection with your multidimensional self.

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Offer 2: Option 1 Plus 1 hour Private zoom session

 Everything in Option 1 plus a private 1hr zoom session

This is a unique opportunity to experience a private session with Cathleena, where she uses her unique gift of frequency matching to align you with the present moment and assess were you are and how to move forward with you.

Cathleena is a very intuitive healer, using many different techniques designed for a very personal and unique experience specifically for you and your personal life journey.  There will also be an Activation included in this session, designed specifically for you individual needs.

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What People have to Say…

When I found out Cathleena was going to be in my hometown for a lecture, I immediately felt a strong nudge (push, shove!) to book a private session with her. At the time, I didn’t know a lot about Cathleena’s work but I was inexplicably drawn to her. I am so grateful I followed that inner wisdom to connect with her! I can honestly say that I left my session with Cathleena not FEELING like a new person – I WAS a new person. In the days that followed my clearing and reset, I felt surges of euphoria that I have never experienced before. The energy was palpable and electric. I have since come to realize my frequency did, in fact, change and my body was adjusting to the new energy. The feeling was profoundly liberating. I have met with many different practitioners over the years but my session with Cathleena was extraordinary. I’m so happy I purchased a Frequency Adjuster of my own so I can continue to attune and balance my energy moving forward. Thank you, Cathleena for sharing your tremendous love and light with others!
Kelly DiPucchio

Hello to everybody who has the great fortune to meet Cathleena. I came down from Bhutan with extreme pain in my knees. I went to the doctor when I came back and they took an MRI-scan of my knees. They found a tumor in my knee. they knew the kind of tumor and said it had to be operated as soon as possible. They send the pictures to the hospital and they would contact me. In the mean time I had a session with Cathleena. She guided me in a state where we cut loose the tumor and made it in smaller pieces so it could be integrated by the body. It all felt very good and tingling. A week later the surgeon and his specialist team phoned me and told me that they cold not find the tumor any more. And that an operation was not needed.
But… what I liked the most about Cathleena is how she embraces you into her heart energy. You feel so cared for. She easy taps into your energy fields and really connects with you. I felt so connected and cared for and somehow all by doubt melted away. I sincerely hope that many people may benefit from her extra ordinary gift and her warm personality. I feel extremely blessed to know her. Thank you very much dearest Cathleena.
Bar-che Dorje

Cathleena’s gift has a lot of unique characteristics. She’s almost like an energy therapist. Each bi-weekly session has taken me further down my path of enlightenment. I would say that the most consistent result is a positive mindset that just keeps humming along. I just don’t seem to “get down”, and if anything, that positive mindset keeps increasing over time. Some of her targeted work has direct and detectable results. I have a crazy knowing that some of the things I used to worry about are a giant waste of worry — which is extremely impressive! For instance, my concerns over money are completely gone. I now believe I’ll have all the money I need no matter what I choose to do, and that seems to be happening. Wow. ❤
Xane Daniel, Soul Essence Activation

I just had a session with Cathleena myself an hour ago. Still buzzing. Working on “re-connecting” to Source Frequency and healing early childhood loss issues that shaped my beliefs about self, life, trust, relationships… nothing really big, haha, lol. Deep shifts and release at the cellular level. Very powerful. Thanks Cathleena.
Kayla Kayce, Mulitdeminsional teacher

Cathleena pulled things out of me that I had not realized that were in the background and I had not even given thoughts too. I also had the same unique experience and yes it was so emotional I found myself finding it hard to talk at times and I will try all the ways she presented to expand me. I look fwd to seeing her in a week. I could feel real shifts in my own aura which was awesome. Thanks a very eye opening experience.
Barbara Morey, Aura Reader

My experience with Cathleena is one I am so grateful for. Every session she hits it spot on with what is going on with me and after every session that area of my life is not as dense or problematic. I really really find a great value in working with her. I not only get a direct understanding intellectually but physically as well as I see how certain things shift in my reality. So thankful!
Michelle B