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Divine Doctoring Grounding Galactivation for New Earth Ascension Preparation

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9 Divine Doctoring Grounding Galactivation Ascension Vibration MP3 Journeys

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Includes 9 Divine Doctoring Grounding Galactivation Journeys + A 30 Minute Etheric Acupuncture Divine Detox Session

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Includes An At Home Galactic Light Healing Level 1 Practitioner Certification Program, 9 Divine Doctoring MP3 Recordings & A 1 On 1  Zoom Session

This Special Offer #1 Includes 9 Divine Doctoring Grounding Galactivation Ascension Vibration MP3 Journeys

I’ve created a sacred collection of inter-galactic light infusions float & soak in pure & pristine tranquil light to bathe in blissful, expansive & heart opening new earth energy medicine.

Lie back, Lean in & Receive High Frequency Arcturian & Leumerian Vibrational Remedies To Calm Your Mind, Soothe Your Soul & Relax Your Emotional Nervous System.

This Cosmic Compilation Contains 9 Stress Reducing & Soul Expanding Healing Trance-Missions To Safely Soul Travel To Planet Arcturs, Star Sirius & Multi-Dimensional Medical Centers on Earth & In The Stars With Dr Lorphan, The Galactic Physicians & Etheric Spirit Surgeons In The Holy Healing Hospitals & Inner Realms Treatment Centers In Shambhalla.

Please Listen To Each Sacred Soul Journey In A Distraction-Free Environment To Start Your Day Or To Help You Relax & Unwind Your Wind Before Dream Time.

Plus these MP3 Files

Inter-galactic Intervention for Money Karma and Poverty Vows

Float, soak & bathe in the Abundant Light of Planetary Prosperity to unpack survival vows of ancestral poverty, inherited scarcity & not enough energy.

Lie back, Listen & Lean in to the empowering & expansive energies in alternate galaxies to burn away karmic debt, debris & density & help you be more open to receiving angelic assistance from your Divine Intervention Team with Galactic Guides, Akashic Advisors & Soul Record Bookkeepers who can clear you karmic debts & re-claim your birth right to thrive in 5D abundance alchemy mastery.

Galactivate Your Natural Ability To Attract, Vibrate & Expand Into Your 5D Financial Flow Frequency!

Rainbow Rays Ascension Activation

Travel With Me To Co-Create A New Earth Reality To Help You Thrive In The Planetary Prosperity Energies Of The 5D Rainbow Frequency!

On this 2 hour sacred soul journey, you will have the opportunity to play with & channel solar angels & galactic guides beings to brighten your light, discover your soul plan & spend quality time envisioning your new life in living color.

Listen to this healing transmission to become crystal clear on why you’re here as you are bathed & blessed in the creatrix rays of cosmic clarity, divine energy & youthful vitality in this sacred opportunity to drink in the celestial light off feminine nectar medicine to ascend into your magical mastery, authenticity & true identity.

Raise Your Vibration To The Rainbow Dimension Of 5D Ascension!
Play Time: 103 minutes

Ascension Chakra Activation

I invite you to take a safe & sacred soul journey to meet your ascension ancestors & galactic guardians who carry celestial star medicine to awaken your higher dimensional chakras so you can embody new earth emotional intelligence, trust your intuition & hold more light to re-set your divine human nervous system.

Travel with me to divinely align with the new earth energies, connect with your higher self & learn how to confidently express your 5D telepathic abilities as a crystal clear channel of purity, beauty & divine energy.

Receive this new earth ascension activation to help you you clear ancient limbic patterns of fear  so you can speak your truth, retrieve your lost light language & process the incoming light code infusions as a new earth awakener, paradigm shifter & timeline transformer!

Open, Awaken & Galactivate Your Ascension Chakras To Align With Your Natural State Of Bliss, Peace & Grace!

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This Special Offer #2 Includes 9 Divine Doctoring Grounding Galactivation Journeys + A 30 Minute Etheric Acupuncture Divine Detox Session

Receive Miraculous Healing From Divine Physicians, Galactic Protectors, Spirit Surgeons & Star Elders To Awaken & Activate Your 5D Luminous Light Body 

When you purchase package #2, you will receive everything in package #1 Plus You Will Receive A 30 Minute One On One Galactic Healing Intervention Session With Vandana!

Your Divine Doctors Visit Includes 30 Minutes Of Etheric Acupuncture, Arcturian Light Surgery & 5D Soul Psychology From Dr. Lorphan & The Miraculous Healing Intervention Team.

Receive Galactic Doctoring & Multi-Dimensional Arcturian Medication In The Great White Lodge Of Shambhala To Calm Your Nervous System, Boost Your Spiritual Immunity & Activate Your Ascension Vibration In The Golden Age Of Ascension 2020!

This upgraded advanced healing process includes:

  • Infra-Red Color Therapy
  • Sirian blue & Ultra Violet light technology
  • Heat Remedies, Wound Care & Laser Therapies
  • Etheric Acupuncture to Release Blocked Energy

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced Blood Circulation
  • Physical & Emotional Pain Release
  • Serotonin Stimulation for Depression & Mood Disorders

Your Parasympathetic Nervous System Will Be Re-Wired & Restored to RE-SET your molecular structure on a sub-atomic level to include inherited patterns & programs that keep you stuck in endless stress, struggle & suffering.

Experience a divine re-union with your 5D spirit guide & primary care health divine physician that over-light & support you as above & so below you!
Email Vandana at Vandanalighthealing@gmail.com to schedule your 30 minute personal healing session in the zoom womb re-birthing room.
All Sessions Are Recorded & Emailed To You To Receive Continuous Healing On The Replay.

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This Special Offer #3 Includes An At Home Galactic Light Healing Level 1 Practitioner Certification Program, 9 Divine Doctoring MP3 Recordings & A 1 On 1  Zoom Session

Greetings New Earth Ascension Creatrix,

I’ve created a brand new Galactic Light Healing Practitioner Training Program to accelerate, galactivate & elevate your ascension vibration in this uncertain & unpredictable dimension.

This 6 week galactic healing program makes it easier & faster to share your gifts, transform lives & be of service.

Whether you’re a beginner, advanced energy healer or just hold a strong desire to heal, empower & inspire others, this course is for you.

In this course, you will learn new conscious tools, processes & energy healing excercises to thrive in 5D planetary prosperity as a new earth re-birther, paradigm shifter & light emitter here to help heal the hearts of all humanity & liberate sentient beings from the memory & density of 3D collective fear.

I’m honored to share the latest cosmic updates, upgrades, downloads & energetic re-sets to help you embody your true identity with grace, ease & authenticity.

From the comfort of home, you can learn & receive galactic light energy healing attunements, Galactivations & frequency Trance-missions to  become a certified cosmic contributor, paradigm shifter & ascension awakener & re-birth a higher vibrational & kinder new earth.

When you meet your new 5D divine dream team, your inter-galactic physicians, teachers & galactic guardian protectors bless, serve & over-light you to:

• Feel Guided,Connected & Protected By Your Divine Healing Intervention Team On Earth, In Heaven & In The Inner Realms

• Absorb, Store & Hold 100% Source Light To Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit With The Divine Dimension Of Ascension Creation

• Galactivate Your Higher Senses, Ascension Chakras & Cosmic Consciousness

• Trust You Are Never Alone & Always Safe, Backed & Blessed By Golden Galactic Guardians

• Awaken, Empower & Inspire All Sentient Beings To Follow Their Highest, Truest & Most Authentic Soul Calling

• Learn How To Become A 5D Spirit Guide, Mentor & Wayshower

• Safely Soul Travel To Your Akashic & Agarthan Inner Earth Libraries , To Re-Write Your Starseed & Earthseed Vows, Contracts & Records

• Heal Womb Wounds, Ancestral Karma & Generational Trauma From Your First Original 8 Primordial Cells

• Retrieve Your Magical Multi-Dimensional Power Pieces With Star Shamans. Curanderas & Inter-Galactic Kachina Power Protectors

• Experience Etheric Acupuncture,  Vibrational Remedies, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery Inter-Dimensionally

• Heal & Seal Energetic Wombs & Cellular Core Fear Held & Stored In Your Emotional Nervous System

• Connect With Your 5D Timeline Transformers, Totems & Master Devas To Back, Bless & Resource You

• Elevate Your Vibration With 12D Platinum Shield Auric Protection, Divine Dreamcatchers & Sleep Protectors In Dream Time

• Activate Your CHI & Kundalini Creatrix Energy With Inner Earth Terahertz, Infra Red Therapy & Ultra Violet Laser Leumerian Light Technology

In this quantum healing transmission, you have full permission more deeply connect & meditate with  soul assigned cosmic christed physicians & surgeons who reside in the great white lodge in Shambhalla

This is a rare opportunity to re-unite with your holy healing team always available to intervene with other worldly compassionate health care, ascension energy medicine & miraculous treatment prevention

Join me to experience safe, gentle & non-invasive advanced health care to heal old earth trauma from  divine physicians, & spirit surgeons to help you process ascension stress, pandemic fear & PTSD past, parallel & alternate galaxies & realities.

Take a well deserved mental break from 3D density to receive 5D etheric surgeries & holy frequencies in holy healing hospitals, planetary pharmacies & Arcturian Medical Facilities.

Learn how you can more gracefully integrate & acclimate to the new earth energies, quantum solutions & medical cures for spiritual illness with natural elixirs, vibrational remedies and ancient earth medicine  from  the crystal core, galactic sun & the smoky inner sun

Vandana will be sharing:

• How To Call In Your 5D Christed, Galactic & New Earth Medical Team

• Cosmic Clearing Codes To Unlock Physical & Emotional Pain

• Ways That You Can Detox Toxic Karma & Childhood Trauma

• Quantum Healing To Complement & Supplement Your 3D Medical Care

• Divine Doctoring, Psychic Surgery & Advanced Laser Light Technology

• Gentle & Non-Invasive Therapies To Experience Greater Energy, Vitality & Rapid Recovery

You deserve to Embody New Earth Energy, Vitality & Codes Of Immortality From The Inner Planes Of Miraculous Healing.

If you’re ready to feel comfortable in the skin you’re in, then dive in & take this powerful cosmic journey to reclaim your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being in all timelines, lifetimes, galaxies & realities.

Your healing journey begins when you say YES to gift yourself permission to receive the divine dosage & cosmic prescription of etheric acupuncture, laser light, color therapies, sacred geometries & miraculous healing that only exist in the quantum realms.

Lean in & Tune In To Higher Frequencies, Harmonic Energies & Light Technologies From The Doctors Of Divinity In The Higher Realms!

Experience Advanced Healing, Respite & Recovery In The Temples, Ashrams & Retreats Of Rejuvenation. Regeneration & Renewal to heal your mind, body, spirit & soul.

I am super excited to share the most advanced healing upgrades, updates & technologies from the soul assigned divine healing intervention team on earth & in the stars!

During this quantum healing activation, I will introduce you to advanced light beings & healing masters from Shambhala, Arcturus & Sirius in the ancient temples of health, healing & wellness.

If you are willing, able & ready to receive gentle yet powerful healing processes & energy treatments, you will meet your cosmic christed healing team, star doctors & spirit shamans from alternate galaxies, realities, dimensions & timelines to help you:

• Heal Ancestrally Inherited Miasmic Debris & Dis-ease

• Release Karmic Patterns, Programs & Imprints Of Stress, Struggle & Suffering

• Clear empathic illness, shock & trauma you’ve taken on to heal your loved ones

• Enhance your self-healing abilities to heal from the inside out-not from the outside in

• Dissolve parasites, poisons & pollutants that block your light & diminish your life force energy

• Receive star medicine, earth magic & solar power to recover from physical & emotional wound trauma

• Recover faster & easier from accidents, surgeries & injuries in parallel realities & troubled timelines

• Reclaim your health, vitality & energy as your own bodies master healer & spirit guide

Your Accelerated Light Galactic Healing Program Includes:


In module # 1, you will experience a divine density detox session to unlock & unpack stored & absorbed womb wounding, birth trauma & empathic trauma from your original & primordial first 8 cells of creation. Meet Your Divine Healing Intervention Team, Spirit Surgeons & Star Shamans from Star Sirius & Planet Arcturus to help you rest & digest lifetimes of suppressed stress, shock & trauma held in your cells, muscle memory & emotional burden centers.



In module # 2, you will learn how to cleanse & clear your energy centers of empathic pain, miasmic patterns and false identities that won’t allow you to heal, nurture & care for your divine body vessel. Climb into your holy healing pod & be attuned to the higher vibrations & sensations in higher dimensional healing hospitals where you will learn how to invite & in- voke in Dr Lorphan & the Arcturian Assistants to remove core fear & be blessed, bathed & baptized with star medicine, laser light & spirit surgery.



In module # 3, you will meet holy Hunas to finally inner-stand, forgive & make peace with the timelines where you lost or gave away your powers so you can re-claim your confidence, courage & clarity as a galactic Godparent of your divine body temple. You will be attuned to your divine healing intervention team, doctors of high magic & angels of surgery to re-structure, re-calibrate & re-set your brain, spine, gut & nervous systems.



In module #4, you will learn the ancient art of magical yet practical alchemy to remove core fear, raise your vibration & shape shift into your greatest gifts & highest soul self . You will experience somatic healing to return to your own body, feel to heal & trust you are divinely guided, directed & protected by your benevolent & kind ET Family. You will experience cosmic healing energy medicine from Dr Lorphan, Dr Kahn & Dr Fritz as well as spirit surgeons, timeline transformers & your emergency ET medical team in higher realms, golden galaxies & healing realities.



In module #5, you will meet your Timeline Transformers & Galactic Alchemists to help you envi-
sion, dream & design the way you would like your light body to look & feel. Manifest your own multi-dimensional lotus healing-pod to be re-birthed in the higher realms where infinite possibilities & potentialities are possible. In this etheric healing attunement activation, you will be blessed with your own energies, healing remedies & soul supplements to hold, absorb & store 100% pure light so you won’t merely survive but actually be able to thrive in your ascending light body.



In module # 6, you will meet & be attuned by your over-lighting acupuncturists & learn the art of of etheric acupuncture & acupressure to easily & effortlessly unlock energy blocks, heal & seal wound imprints & restore your soul essence from the place & space of sovereignty, integrity & authenticity. Learn how to charge & program needless needles on your own etheric body as well as others energetic bodies to heal unresolved stress, struggle & imbalanced emotional energy.

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Vandana’s Testimonials:

“It was WORTH WAITING my whole LIFETIME for this. I am so without words and so hopeful for this amazing connection….I was dumped off the phone twice and came into this instead. Brilliant work, Precious One. Brilliant.” ~ Virginia

“I just have to thank you for this profoundly beautiful and potent call. Vandana’s energy and the processes she did were so brilliant and elevating, and I definitely felt like a new person by the end! Wow! I feel so tremendously blessed to have been a part of this experience! I received a huge healing today. I just can’t thank you enough” ~ Kathy

FROM GRIEF to PEACE “3 years ago, I lost my beloved cat. I had her for 16 & 1/2 years. I now realize there was a huge amount of grief and sorrow that I wasn’t willing to look at or feel until one day I could no longer ignore the pain and sadness I was feeling. I was looking for answers about our soul connection and why my beloved feline companion’s soul chose to return to heaven. That’s when I met Vandana, a caring and compassionate soul who always has my best interest at Heart. Each time I have a session with Vandana, I feel more peaceful and joyful. She has now become my teacher and I am happy for the experience I have through the Akashic records. I highly recommend working with her and I am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance. In one of our Akashic reading sessions, my loving cats came through to Vandana. She patiently and lovingly took the time to channel messages from my cats in heaven which resulted in me finding acceptance and peace of mind and Heart in knowing I could never lose them and their love. It’s been a while since I have felt so good. Thank you Vandana for your spiritual guidance in my life. I have finally found the peace, ease and grace I was looking for. Thank you & Bless You Vandana!” ~ Mai-Britt, Denmark

“Dear Vandana, you created a miracle for me a couple of days ago. I lost a substantial amount of money in my apartment when 3 people came to paint. They really threw me off balance, and when I couldn’t find the envelope containing the money, I thought they had taken it. When we had our session, you said that it was in fact in my apartment…so I spent a few months looking high and low, and couldn’t find it…but the last time I talked to you and asked where it maybe you said “You’re going to find it when somebody visits you”. A few days ago, I took your advice and invited a friend for lunch and when I opened the kitchen drawer, I was in absolute disbelief! The envelope was there on the side in the drawer. I’ve looked in the same drawer for the money but I never could find it before. It only came to light when I opened the lower drawer! Wow!!!Every word you said about the details of finding the money was true and amazingly correct!!! You are a fabulous psychic, and I’m so grateful. Thank you!” ~ Iren, NYC

“I discovered Vandana’s work recently and she is beyond-phenomena! Many, many shifts have taken place since I first listened to her transmissions from family clearings, to soul retrievals to deep emotional trauma release and working with the Akashic records. Her gifts are more than I can describe here. On the night before a Court Case last month, Vandana was ‘guided to connect with me’ during an intense night before the Court appearance. I am amazing how she knew I needed support and her guidance was spot on to connect with me at a very low point that night… And the most amazing thing… I have not even had the pleasure yet of working directly with her, or any of her show packages. I just know that beyond-rapid shifts are occurring just from hearing her voice. So many, many, many blessings since discovering Vandana’s work.” ~ J.M.N.

“Vandana, I’m so grateful to you and the akashic records course! I’m practicing every day & just wanted to share I had a very deep experience on your last call. I’m not usually one of those people who falls asleep during energy work but on this call, I do…so this is very deep! I am always left with lingering images from the Akash and I have a book just for this and keep everything written down. Everyone feels the energy of the akashic readings after your attunements. It was so palpable how much this energy changes things so quickly. I am finding it amazing how much the inner Akashic Work is flowing into the outer world. If I need to clear something, I just RICH & RACE all over the place. It’s brilliant!! Thank you so much! I Love you.” ~ Al, WA

“I wanted to say thank you for the incredible class yesterday and the personal work you did on me as the surrogate. It feels like you saved my life.

I was completely clouded and disoriented and for the last 24 hours I have felt clearer and happier. I have felt more like myself then I have in a long time and ready to take the next steps on my highest path, whatever they may be. Thanks again for the Akashic Records training classes. I feel better than ever and the wisdom to trust is helping tremendously. ” ~ M.C.

“I LOVE You, Vandana! You have no idea just how much your work has helped me… from incredibly deep sexual trauma in just this one lifetime. At times, I truly did not think I would survive the pain… I RICH it, and RACE it, and Reality Reset it… just trusting in my reactions to just your voice on the shows. I AM so very grateful to God, Source, Universe for you and your gifts… As I listen, I often find myself asking how you know all that you do… thank you for your investment in yourself… in your gifts… truly… the work that you bring forth is unique.” ~ Jaishree, India

“Dear Vandana, I just wept on receiving my soul message from you. I feel blessed. You are one of the chosen few and I am so grateful to you for facilitating my accelerated healing session. You have such a beautiful voice, very soft, soothing and comforting.” ~ Pauline, Ireland

“Wow Vandana, That was huge! Thank you for awakening me to my inner truth. I’m still experiencing showers of bliss and downloads day and night after receiving your activations. I’m very grateful. You are right. There is a program running that keeps holding on to expectations. It feels just one step ahead, even less. I’m confirming your soul reading that I did take bodhisattvic vows in so many lifetimes …..well, that is deleted now. I’d rather be that now on earth and enjoy the immortality of living and thriving right here on the new earth. Thank you so much” ~ A.W. – Berlin