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Special Offer 1 Includes:

Item 1: The Wayshower Course

A whole new era of Wayshowership is unfolding right here, right now. The energies have shifted to support heart-based services which inspire, empower and awaken the collective. This is a Unique Online Class to Discover and Align with the New Level of Service.

Ascension Guide & Wayshower Sandra Walter has created a valuable core training for anyone desiring to create High-Vibe content and services to assist the New Paradigm.
 From individual services to large group organizations, Sandra combines actionable steps, seasoned guidance, and clear direction for heart-based Wayshowers in this Now.

25 Video Trainings include clear, insightful training with path-changing tools, exercises and clear guidance for True Self-discovery and stepping into your next phase of Service.

Class Modules loaded with path-changing, clear methods for discovering your highest service include:

Clarifying Goals, Mission and Service: Discover your true calling in this Now. Un-veil your unique expression of service to align with New Earth dynamics.
Fears, Trust & Communication: Clear the blockages to showing up as your Highest Self. Learn how to express the radiant voice of the Heart.
Breaking through Challenges: Becoming a productive, consistent, clear conduit for Divine Service … and how to handle the pushback and feedback that every Wayshower must face. Accepting an abundant, supported service level that gives without becoming depleted.

Aligning with Divine Trajectory: Working with HUmility, Integrity and Divine Flow.

Light-Encoding your services for maximum effectiveness.

Content Creation: The big download on what works, skills and tools, and what is needed to get started or uplevel your existing service.

Tools for Clarity: Reveal the New Self! Exercises and methods for launching your new service, creating New Earth flow and aligning with highest trajectories.

Downloadable guided meditations, past class call replays, and printable PDF files provide support for clear, actionable steps to creating your New service.

Launch the New!

  • Skill building for clarity, expansion, creativity, and highest intent
  • Clarify core values and identify your next steps
  • The New Communication: Shifting to Pure expression
  • Meeting challenges, doubts or fears of Wayshowing with ease & grace
  • Apply New Earth Flow: Boost your ability to inspire and guide
  • Staying on Point: How to create high-vibe content to support and inspire your Tribe
  • How to balance the energies of Ascension while providing service to the collective
  • Serving with courage, HUmility, impeccability and Divine intent

Your Unique expression of Divine Service is needed!
Wayshowers in service, this is our moment! As the energies and timelines shift, everyone in service is asked to level up in this Now. This class is designed for New Paradigm service providers of any scope…even if you have not discovered what that is yet. We are all changing, new skills and creations are presenting. If empowering others to co-create the new paradigm of peace, unconditional love and unity consciousness is a core value, this class is for you.

Bonus Meditations include:
Morning Accelerator: Align and set high-vibe intentions for your highest expression of Self. Light-encode your day for maximum effectiveness.
Bedtime Calm: Get the most out of your sleep state. Service is a constant activity, reset everything at night. Use bedtime for rejuvenation, healing and DNA activation.

Item 2: Mastery Empowerment Course: First Contact Protocols

downloadable version

Video-on-demand with downloadable Audio & Video Versions


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3 Hours – Lecture with Q & A

First Contact: Methods and Protocols for Clear Interaction

Many of us will be experiencing higher levels of contact with interdimensional beings this year. These interactions will be intimate and scattered, rather than a collective mass-landing. With energetic shifts in progress, and the organic timelines overriding old realities, we may now embrace first contact as a clear, direct, benevolent and Ascension-enhancing experience.

In this Mastery Empowerment class we will explore:

  • What it means to the Ascension to be a proper witness
  • How to establish contact, why, and with whom.
  • Creating a vibrational environment within and without for contact.
  • Preparing the mind and heart before contact occurs
  • Enhancing existing contact for clear communication

Sandra Walter has experienced several ET races, Higher Beings and Inner earth civilizations. She will share clear guidance and insights on the new unfoldments with contact, and how to integrate these experiences as we walk between worlds.

Item 3: Online Healing Retreat: Mastering Crystalline DNA 

downloadable version

in Video & Audio

Mastering Crystalline DNA


Purchase Items 2, 3 & 4 only: $57

Sandra Walter, Ascension Guide and Wayshower, leads a two-hour online retreat focused on Mastery of Crystalline DNA.

In this retreat we will explore:

– How to engage with the three phases of Crystalline DNA activation
– Aligning the Multidimensional Self to assist with Divine DNA in the Now
– Powerful tools to create Embodiment of the Christ/Crystalline Consciousness

When the fields of our activated DNA, which creates our coveted experience of Divinity in form, begin to spin and radiate diamond-solar plasma light, our energy fields expand to match that vibration. Our activated heart centers collectively lock into the vibration of Unity consciousness itself.

DNA creates personal, collective, and multidimensional experiences in form. It is a photonic light receiver-generator. It traverses dimensions and densities. Crystalline DNA contains stargate codes for the experience of the Solar Cosmic Christ, or a Divine HUman template experience.

When we activate these etheric crystalline bridge/Christed/Crystalline strands of DNA, we begin to embody our multidimensional Self; the simultaneous awareness of many aspects of Self.

We reconnect our awareness of Source-as-Self as a purified, very clear awareness. This known as the Christed/Crystalline/Unity consciousness state. It triggers massive collective acceleration for those choosing Ascension. This is happening Now.

Christ consciousness shining through the crystalline DNA is a bridge between worlds. Just like a Primary Christed Ascension timeline, we utilize crystalline DNA as a Gateway to a new experience, because it bridges dimensions and densities.

Embodiment of the Christed Self is changing the HUman heart grid, and providing the new experience as a palpable reality for all willing hearts to align with. The revelation of our Solar focus, Gaia’s Solar activation, and our Solar Heart activation, weaves us back into the cosmic fabric of Oneness; Pure Unity Consciousness.

Join us for this comprehensive and activating journey of our Divine DNA.

Item 4: Online Healing Retreat ­ Wayshower Ascension with Sandra Walter

Experience this re-broadcast of interactive call and group meditation with Sandra Walter

Master Gatekeeper Sandra Walter presents a guided meditation at precisely 11:11 (or 11 minutes after the hour), unifying us with thousands who participate in the Global Unity Meditations each SUNday. After this beautiful transmission of Solar Cosmic Christ consciousness, we will follow with Q&A on Ascension with Sandra.

Purchase Items 2, 3 & 4 only:  $57


A Message from Sandra Walter

Remember that New Earth grid system preparation, especially along the eclipse pathway, is a focus through July. The dates for the August gateway, the path of totality, and the timeline bifurcation are mentioned in the video. July 1-7 is the traditional (etheric) conclave of the Ascended Masters at Mount Shasta. We will focus on owning our Mastery during the Unity Meditations on SUNday. Tuesday, July 4 is Independence Day here in the USA; a wonderful day for Gridwork and grounding the highest intentions for the August Gateway.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The Solstice week-long launch of the August Eclipse passage completed with the New Moon. As we render the cosmic rays of evolution and Gaia’s emerging expression into a new reality, we feel the larger operation of Source intent. Divine Will concludes lower storylines, and we allow our higher wisdom to reorder our perception.

The direction to Open the eclipse pathway for the purer frequencies of the Primary Christed timelines to be available, felt, and utilized by Gatekeepers and Gridworkers became self-evident last week. Fortunately this year continues to raise the bar on Ascension experiences; we learn to expect the unexpected. We fully accept our experience as unpredictable, in a good way.

The higher light expedites the bifurcation of realities; the widening gap is detectable. Even within the physical we notice the reflection of division. Heightened bliss and exhaustion, tranquil states of deep peace and dream-state busy-ness, expansion into the mystical formless realms and the consistent activations of embodiment.

Note how you felt as this divine Gateway opened. Note your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual reaction as the Light prompts the crystalline tipping point of embodiment. This demonstrates your timeline resonation, and where adjustments may be made. Remember the purging of density is a positive thing; even in your own lifestream. Is there resistance to changing paths? Surrendering to the experience, especially when it challenges or exhausts the physical? Yielding to the call of a higher trajectory? Stepping away for rebalancing or rest? Moving forward with new skills?

Use this latest higher frequency influx as an Ascension checkpoint. Revisit the Soul Questions for Ascension Preparedness. Resistance to making a conscious choice of timeline (aligning all thoughts, words, activities, service, emotions, and creations with the desired outcome) becomes uncomfortable.

Global Unity Field Bridging the Timelines

The Unity Meditation field demonstrates the power of our unified pure consciousness; the strength of embodying the Crystalline unconditional LoveLight frequency.

The recently opened Cosmic Stargates – the interuniversal, intergalactic, interstellar electro-magnetic flows – have many purposes. In the application of Ascension and a dimensional shift, they assist with timeline shifts and splitting of realities. Collectively we may unlock these Gateways for all hearts aligned with Love. We are witnessing the results as this accelerated passage of the shift unfolds.

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Special Offer #2 Includes:

The Ascension Path Foundations Course with Sandra Walter

ASCENSION PATH is a deeply comprehensive online training class in Empowerment and Self-Realization unifying Spirituality and Conscious Personal Development.
Sandra Walter provides step-by-step guidance of the Ascension process through videos, meditations and printable materials, available anytime to work at your own pace.
Empower your Journey Now.

“Ascension Path is a true masterpiece, delivered in an easy step-by-step way in quality video from a beautiful HUman being.
I now know who I AM, where I AM from and where I AM going.”
– John Andean, East Yorkshire

Multiple Modules guide you through every step of the Ascension Process, utilizing methods, meditations and Mastery Skill tools for each step:

  • Gaia, Solaris and The Golden Race
  • Mastering The Body Consciousness
  • Multidimensional Structure
  • Ascension Symptoms, Detox and Activation
  • Amplifying the Light Body
  • Transmuting the Lower levels of Ego, Mind, Emotion
  • Heart Coherence and Unconditional Love
  • Divine Neutrality and Forgiveness
  • Merging with the Higher Self
  • The Solar Cosmic Christ: Embodiment
  • Activating the Higher Senses and Pineal Vision
  • Sacred Space: Clearing, Crystals and Ceremony
  • Crystalline Consciousness Activation
  • Sacred Magnetics: Feminine-Masculine Balance
  • Leveling Up: Ascension Timelines
  • Star Family and Contact
  • Gateways and Gridwork
  • Finding your True Mission and Divine Service
  • Divine HUman DNA Activation
  • Connecting with Multidimensional Aspects
  • Multidimensional Merge: Utilizing the Torus & Ascension Column
  • Embodiment and Divine Self-Realization

~ Over 30 hours of videos and mp3s ~
BONUS: Over 40 hours of insightful Q&A replays

“This is a profoundly transformational work. Powerful, clear, straight-forward, divine information for the present moment. It assisted me when I needed immediate healing and connection to Source to remember who I AM.”
– T.R., Brazil

Freedom and Self-Realization are powerful tools.

Thank you for choosing to discover the LOVE within yourself.

“Sandra’s Ascension class is extremely well designed and you can work at your own pace. Each module is challenging, uplifting and filled with love. I AM truly grateful for the dedication of this gifted teacher!”
– Brooke, WI, USA

A few tips before you begin:

-This class is focused on our modern-day Ascension, not religion or old light beliefs.
– This work is not associated with the I AM activity, GFL, or any other organization.
– Ascension Path contains life-transforming concise information and exercises.
– All materials are Light-encoded to accelerate your progress.
You may consciously choose to accept or not accept the encodements.
– Remember YOU are responsible for your own journey and commitment.
Participation and application of the process is your own responsibility.
– The class fee is non-refundable. Thank you for supporting your Wayshowers.
– The intention of Ascension Path is Empowerment of the collective.

This is an excellent series for Teachers, Healers, Wayshowers and anyone dedicated to serving Gaia and HUmanity while raising your vibration.

“My way of getting the information I needed was not working: blogs, websites, and endless searches. I needed guidance from a teacher I could trust, someone who was living the experience. Sandra has surpassed all my expectations. Sandra is grounded, and frankly, genius.
Thank you, SANDRA, for being such AN AMAZING WAYSHOWER!”

The Ascension Course is an online intensive for the awakened. Through a series of video training modules, Sandra provides step-by-step guidance for anyone consciously choosing to participate in the Ascension process. Over 30 hours of videos, mp3 meditations, supportive materials and process checks are available to you 24/7 to work through at your own pace. This is a deeply comprehensive experience, designed to accelerate the process at all levels of awakening.


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“This is the most activating, light code packed course I have ever taken.  I have felt my heart crack open instantly, the release of all that has been in my way of wayshowing.

I AM thrilled with the clarity, insights and skills I have gained in Sandra’s Wayshower Empowerment class. This course does more than teach empowerment – it teaches Mastery! Blow through your fears, align with your passion, step into your power and show humanity what is possible! Thank you, Sandra, for this masterpiece of Love.
R. Hollenbeck, USA

“Wayshower Empowerment is the most comprehensive and organized offering of inspiration, structures, concrete tips and highly professional information available on this subject.”

“Truly, this has shifted my experience powerfully in my teaching. You’ve activated the “permission” to be courageous . You’ve opened the space for me to be authentic, confident and clear on my unique offering, yet really tap into what would best serve.”