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Ascension and The Event Horizon

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1 hour Personal Coaching Session + MP4 video

This package will include a private 1 hour Personal Coaching Session in addition to an MP4 video explaining the Event Horizon as it relates to ascension for humanity and each individual, as well as an explanation of how your multidimensionality and frequency comes into play.

Item 1: Digital Format : Zoom Video Coaching Session

Length of Program 1 hour
Value of Program $175

This will be a single private Ascension Coaching session conducted via Zoom. This session will give you clarity around issues you wish to discuss, provide sacred space for clearing, or answer any ascension questions you may have. Together we will create a strategy to move forward and come up with tools to help you navigate the process.

Item 2: Event Horizon Mp4

Digital Format : MP4
Length of Program: 30 minutes
Value of Program offered FREE with the coaching session
This MP4 video will explain the Event Horizon and how it relates to the current pandemic and how ascension and higher dimensional shifts relate to the your alignment and the energetic frequency you hold. I will discuss the direct resonance of human experience to the frequencies in each dimension and how it’s translating into your human experience right now. You will gain clarity around what exactly ascending to 5D means and how it will be experienced in human form.

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What People Have to Say About...

I am extremely grateful to Wendy H. for using her giftedness which has added insurmountable peace, presence and continuity to my life. She is professional and genuinely respects each person’s individual life path. “Energy work” was a foreign concept to me because I was brought up to think of it as not of God unless it came out of a church. However, I knew I needed something more than prayer and meditation. My misery pushed me outside my comfort zone to try Marconics and I am eternal grateful for it. I have gained so much clarity in my life through working with Wendy. She is kind, gentle, and wise. Her intuition continues to amaze me as does her powerful spiritual energy. The ‘no touch’ Marconics sessions were great giving me such spiritual peace but the REAL life path changing event was the Soul Recalibration. The Recalibration released Karmic debris and set me free from some habitual patterns amongst many other benefits. The insights that I gained are invaluable and life altering. I feel lighter, less dense and equipped to fulfill my life’s mission. This is one of my Top 5 life experiences. Eternally grateful. ~ Wendy Watkins

Finding Wendy on my path to a “healed consciousness “was a crucial moment. It was a blessing really. I was scattered in every direction and she helped me focus on a few points and with a few sessions I had a clear path ahead with some clean karma!!! With my balance in fact I was able to accomplish a huge amount of ground in a short amount of time. I went from being basically homeless with a failing business to downsizing in a practical location and was able to make the time I needed to work and live at a slower pace while creating a new and limitless positive future. Having that little bit of extra clarity and focus has me moving forward with a positive outlook on life. With the right tools, anything is possible. Thank you, Wendy! ~ Darrel Davenport

The minute I first spoke to Wendy I felt I was speaking to an old friend. She is professional and insightful. Her practice is one of integrity making it a safe space to be fully yourself, it’s a celebration of one’s divinity, about looking into our heart for our truth versus desperately looking outward for the answers. This has really opened me up to do my inner work and learn about what works for me. On a daily basis I feel a difference within me as I navigate through life. So instead of constantly fretting about things, I now witness myself automatically pausing, focusing inward, tapping into my sense knowing and acting accordingly. I am able to see why things are happening, see beyond the surface, and understand that everything in life is coming together for the good. I end up going about my day with more calm and ease. My perspective to life has changed and I am more self-assured with a stronger sense of who I am and why I am the way I am. I feel seen and understood- and best of all empowered as I’m getting to know myself on a deeper level. ~ Elizabeth T

Wendy is a superb coach. She is extremely patient, truly listens, and is extremely knowledgeable about marconics and ascension. Her sessions have done wonders for me. She has helped me with my ascension journey and figuring out my life path, which I am deeply grateful for. She is one of a kind, unique with magical qualities, and the abilities to hone into what your needs and wants are, how to obtain them, and how to clear the obstacles in the path to enlightenment. Leana Day

I’ve been seeing Wendy for 3 years now and looking back it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come in my spiritual journey. She has been there to help answer the tough questions that life may present, and I can honestly say that each meeting feels like a milestone for my path. Her energy work is some of the best around. I can’t recommend her highly enough! Chris Herber

Wendy is amazing. From incredible no touch sessions to full recalibration, I am in tune with myself and the universe on a level that allows my life to flow with such ease, grace and purpose. Her intuitive nature continues to provide support that I am so grateful for. We have become great friends in the process. I will continue to seek her guidance as my life progresses. Thank you, Wendy! Dustin Hay