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Working With Your Angels:
MP3, Ebooks and Home Study + OHR

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Angel Healing Session + Option 1

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The best way to Activate Your Divinity is through your team of angels. Yes, you have a team of angels. We all do. Your guardian angel is the team leader.

This series of Angel Meditations and information will supercharge you and your Highest Calling so you can Fly High and Dive deep into the Divine

Item 1: Devic Seal Activation

Format: mp3
Value: $18.88

“Deva” is Sanskrit for “Shining One,” referring to the luminous glow of angels and divine beings. YOU are literally a Child of Light. At birth, your Deva or true Being set the Seal of the Shining Ones upon your heart, marking you as one of their own. When you are ready, your Devic Seal begins to open and your connection with the Divine becomes clearer, stronger, and more present.

You experience more of your true, authentic Self. Inner resources become available. You make better decisions. You become a magnet to love. Life becomes an amazing adventure.

PART ONE of this meditation informs you about your Devic Seal; what is it, how it can be used, and when to use it.

PART TWO is the Activation Ceremony, followed by a series of messages from the Devas. They are encoded to awaken qualities of truth within you. Listen many times to feel the Presence of the Divine and Home. Each time you listen, your connection gets stronger.

Item 2: Top 5 Ways to Easily Recognize Your Angels eBook

Format: eBook PDF
Value: $27.00

Need help recognizing how your angels are responding to your requests? Learn the top 5 ways in this beautifully illustrated 44-page pdf eBook. Full of insight, prayers, angel messages, and angelology, you’ll love how it helps you tune in to your inner Divine connection. You’ll learn how to recognize your inner senses so you can see, hear, feel, know and sense the interaction between your angels and your soul. Suggested actions guide you into angel experiences!

Item 3: Receive Support for Your Highest Calling Meditation

Format: Mp3
Value: $20.00

Kimberly asked the angels for a meditation to help her feel supported and was blown away by what they provided. We truly are completely supported in every way possible when we open to receive. Download this mp3 instantly and listen to the 24-minute meditation daily for a week. Ask for what you want and need, then receive it! Take action on what you get in meditation and see what happens in your life!

Item 4: Miracle Meditation

Value: $20.00

Do you need miracles in your life? Listen to this meditation with Kimberly and your angels, opening to receive miracles.

Item 5: Guardian Angel Home Study Course

Value: $197.00

Everyone has a guardian angel, and some people have more than one!

Our guardian angels are messengers from God, sent to guide us as we make our way through life. Each guardian has unique attributes. Your personal guardian angel has the distinctive combination of qualities needed to help you lead a spiritually fulfilling life.

Your guardian angel’s primary concern is strengthening your connection with your soul in order to bring your soul purpose into greater awareness and focus. The soul contains the qualities you need to succeed in fulfilling your soul purpose. Qualities such as faith, courage, gratitude, determination, devotion, love, and vision emerge to become the dominant forces directing your life when you are connected with your guardian angel and your soul.

In this course, you will be introduced to the Seven Gifts of Your Guardian Angel.

You’ll also learn to do a more advanced 5-card angel reading to deepen your connection with your guardian angel and to gain clarity and focus in determining your next steps toward your soul purpose.

The crowning glory is the Guardian Angel Meditation. You’ll want to experience this deep connection with your angel. It is profound.

Includes the following downloads:
1 – Class Guide pdf
2 – Guardian Angels Lecture mp3
3 – Guardian Angel’s Kiss Sacrament mp3
4 – Guardian Angels Q & A mp3
5 – Guardian Angel Meditation mp3

Item 6: Breath Awareness Meditation

Format: Mp3
Value: Priceless

If you’ve made it through the other powerful meditations and guided home study to help you connect with your angels to activate your Divinity, you are ready for the power of the Divine. Kimberly was given this meditation on a train in Slovenia, at a time of great need. You’ll hear the story in the introduction. Originally part of The Angel Ministry curriculum, this meditation is way too good to be stashed away! During the 60-minute guided meditation, you will connect with your 7 energy bodies as you ascend into the Divine. Once there, you’ll be guided to ask powerful life-changing questions that you need answers to so you can make better life decisions. Finally, you are guided back into your physical body, bringing all the love, healing, energy, and guidance you received so you can take action in life. Action is the key! Divinely guided action activates your Divinity in life.

 Online Healing RetreatItem 7: Online Healing Retreat: Your Destiny with Angels

with Rev. Kimberly Marooney

MP3 Audio Download 

Your angels are calling you forth to fulfill your Divine Plan and Destiny! Regardless of how the world may look, despite how you may perceive the changes that are happening in America and around the world, a great AWAKENING is flourishing. You are an important part of this awakening.

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Angel Healing Session

Private 1-on-1 Session
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Get a personal angel healing session with connect with your personal team of angels to see what you need help with in your life.

Kimberly is gifted at creating an opening for God’s love to infuse you with everything needed to heal and move forward on your life’s path. Invite the angels to act as your guide on a journey within. Experience a love so pure that pain melts away and wounds are easily forgiven. The personal experience of God’s love improves relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and clients through the deep healing and forgiveness that results. Experiencing your soul and connection to God brings clarity about your soul purpose and your next steps.

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