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NEW EARTH – Source Consciousness Activation Sessions

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“The more you are able to experience the activation & the transmission of your art piece, the more effortless knowing will guide you to open the doors inside your consciousness!”

Yukia, intuitively guided, tunes in to your Soul request and your higher consciousness and translates on the canvas its response to recall and remember your knowingness, your passion to complete the merging with You, the best version of yourself.

You will receive a unique digital or original art piece created by Yukia specifically for you for the purpose of activating your intuition as you ask questions and meditate on it daily. Yukia will sound through her angelic harmonic resonance voice each art piece and thus, each piece will transmit codes of light and medicine. The more you are able to experience the activation of your art piece, the more effortless knowing will guide you.

An Mp4 Message will accompany each Soul transmission.

These Divine Transmission Sound Codes for your Art piece are meant to be received repeatedly to recalibrate, adjust, align balance, harmonize, restore and reunite to original blue print 9 energy bodies of man and begin build your bodies of light.

Place an order and send from your heart:
A general Transmission from your Divine Essence or your specific Intention from your Soul

Please allow 2 weeks for the digital work to be downloaded after payment is completed. You will receive further instructions upon ordering.

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Item 1: NEW EARTH – Source Consciousness Activation Sessions

Each Multiverse Quantum  Healing session is designed depending on the individual needs of the client. Yukia tunes into her higher Mind , the Akasha of the client’s Soul  and to multiverse dimensional Beings that she works through her aspects that co exist in the Planets or in the inter Galactic platform . This tuning provides clues of  what the real causes are of the difficulties that you may be experiencing, what past and future life’s maybe affecting you , what is your soul ‘s request and purpose or what  alignments, recalibration’s , repair, healing  or restoration  needs to be facilitated or looked at in order for you to reunite back to Oneness within yourself.

The sessions will contain transmissions, sound and light language. They also include the creative practice of integration of One’s Self and alignment /anchoring with the nature elements within the body of Mother Earth. Sacred Geometry and the wisdom of Higher Consciousness support the process.

The sessions are to coach /facilitate and connect you to some of the aspects of Higher Self that are coming to the surface and to assist you to integrate into the New Earth; to trust the journey within and claim the Self in its fullness and Presence through your own individual Inner work.


  • Rediscover who you are as a Soul
  • Heal , harmonize and balance emotional and sexual trauma and clear cellular and skeleton memory
  • Cultivate intimacy with your body well grounded on Earth
  • Heal , retrieve and reclaim soul split’s or fragments lost
  • Reclaim your power and return to your core center
  • Heal and and Shift inner perceptions.
  • Purify, align & balance your energy fields, open or expand your inner vision
  • Learn to forgive, love and accept your self and others without any conditions.
  • Speak your truth from your authentic voice and trust your inner guidance
  • Understand the inner work to be explored.
  • Surrender and accept to your authenticity, the love and powerful being that you are.

Post session Tool Kit given with a set of practices for you to:

  • Work through your ancestral lineage, karmic and shadow imprints and trauma bodies through a simple process to release them
  • To reprogram old beliefs of un deservingness and open to receiving all of life’s blessings and abundance
  • Embrace your sacred gifts and receive tools to embrace your sensitivities without being overwhelmed by them.


This a free activation chants to activate the DIVINE FEMININE GODDESS within. It carries the Magdalene source Codes and it is the only song in Light Language that I can repeat and record; it is from the aspect and frequency of the Magdalene’s and the Essene Lineage.

It assists to return Feminine Cosmic Heart to the Planet as it permeates into the core of each one of our new Human Templates.

It is a gift enjoys it.


This is a Light language Source Coding Activation to upgrade the DNA and align it to the Resonance of the Heart so it is attuned to the NEW Cosmic Higher Mind/Higher Heart  in an Harmonic Celestial Unity with the Womb of Creation.

It is a free gift to all.

In joy and Love,

YES! I want Yukia’s special offer Option 2 for $157

What they say, about Yukia

Success Stories and Testimonials with Elizabete as Yukia Azorath Sandara

  1. “She can see into your soul, where you’ve been, where your wounds are and where you are going. She can guide you to create an inspiring and joy-filled life. This she does with wisdom, tenderness, and the ever-steady hand supported by the ancestors. The soul retrieval that you did with me was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. I experienced great love, great insight, and great healing. Thank you for your grace, skills, integrity and wisdom”



2.“During my 25 years as a teacher in the personal growth movement I have experienced the work of many teachers/mentors /coaches  and healers first hand, including a few very gifted ones. I believe Yukia to be the most extraordinary one. She takes you there directly, and it alters your life forever. It is as if you were an orphan who after many years alone, is told about your true family of origin, and it turns out to be the most magnificent loving family imaginable – including masters, angels, guides from the other side always there to assist you, and tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, always from a place of support, unconditional love, and dedication to you. “

“ Yukia’s gifts have the power to awaken anyone from this debilitating amnesia.

Because she remembers all of who she is she also accesses her other gifts. She is not only a channel for many different energies that will communicate with you, always with the intent to assist you to become all of who you are, but she also uses sounds as medicinal energies that can heal with precision the different aspects of your self that include the physical, emotional and all the spiritual bodies. When you choose to work with Yukia you choose to embark on a journey of self discovery that will illuminate both the world within yourself and beyond yourself to the limitedness of the universe and it will in turn ground you on this earth more capable than ever to fulfill your purpose.


Dominque Sire

“The passion of living in a fearless Body”

Spiritual teacher for the past 26 years. USA


3.Yukia is a gift from Infinity, a gift to All that Is. Walking my path, I felt the end of a chapter approaching, and yet instinctively knew that someone would assist and walk the final steps with me. In Divine timing, I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with Yukia.

She is an incredible gifted Being, one who will always remain in my heart. She weaves a tapestry of ancient knowledge, soul wisdom and ground’s it with real applications to Life’s challenges with addictions and relationships .You give so much, Infinite Gratitude. Love and Blessings,

Dale Clark, England,


4.““The healing/Mentoring journey that I had with Yukia was nothing short of amazing. As a past sufferer of physical abuse during the first 13 years of my life, I realized I had very deep unexpressed rage within my whole being, my body. The last 10 years of my life have been devoted to doing the work to clear this suffering and bring greater joy and happiness into my life!!!

Yukia’s powerful healing came at the perfect time during my healing journey. She literally detached me from the powerful bulbs of stuck energy that have kept me attached to this anger persona.

I have since been able to redefine my life according to that which I create to serve my highest good rather than that which reflects my primal emotions. I am incredibly grateful for this divinely orchestrated intervention in my life.

I give profound thanks to Yukia and her utmost professionalism in holding such a powerfully loving, determined and focused space throughout the entire sessions. I entrust anyone who is searching to her healing care.of the heart . Blessings!”

Sophie Amat

Entrepreneur Social Media


  1. “ In her Mentoring and coaching approach ,Yukia helps manifest a bridge within, between the soul’s capacity and life on earth. I was not living my highest self without this manifestation into the material. The guidance I received was full of love and wisdom. I was connected with the origin of my soul. This powerful connection changed my view on life on myself and on others for ever. With sound /spiritual mentoring and transmissions, Yukia reaches a very high level of consciousness that not only enormously empowered me but also gave me clear guidance to anker these new insights and the work that was done during the session’s in my daily life. Yukia knows what she is doing and has a professional approach. She is imbedded in a global network of light workers and sound healers and can easily explain her work in a broader context.

Chantal Gill’ard, the Netherlands

former Member of the House of Representatives



Is a conduit for the Divine on Earth? She is gifted and deeply committed to her personal growth and development journey and the shift of the Collective Humankind . Yukia’s energy of transparency, Love and self –empowerment are a tremendous gift “


Holistic Consellor

New Zealand

7.A Journey of Healing, Insight & Love
author: Laria_Daniela; Place – USA –

“It is with a full heart and deep gratitude that I sit down to write about an incredible soul in human form, Yukia! I met Yukia in Peru as we were both on a path of light and healing. My session with her was lead by the Highest Light and Love that I have experienced from another. She powerfully and lovingly connected with the Masters, Angels, and Guides to facilitate my evolution as a Soul in Human form. The journey was insightful, healing, clearing, and uplifting..

I whole-heartedly recommend a session with Yukia. You will be in awe and in that you will be transformed.” Cathy ; Place – Australia – dateYukia’s healing session
“Yukia has amazing ability to connect with people at all levels and can use many mediums to help unlock their own inner wisdom.
In my session Yukia used totem animals that took me on a shamanic journey that connected me to my voice, pathway and heart centre.
Experience the session and feel the difference.”

9.“I love Yukia.” I experience Yukia as a living temple, and believe that we are all blessed that she walks with us. My time with Yukia was a joy.. I am ever grateful to have shared her friendship, received her healings, and to have shared ceremonies together. For me, being with Yukia was fun and transformative. Yukia is a beautiful person; she is strong and true. She is an incredible channel and healer, and sings in connection to the angels. Her smile and golden radiance show through in the pictures and reflect this and more. She lives in service. Thank you Yukia. With Love and In Truth.” Boulder Colorado ,Charlie “Yukia stayed at our Healing Centre in Peru for more than a month. She intended to rest and relax but ended up sharing healings sessions and channeling with everyone staying at our center during her time here.
She connects deeply with her guides ,and knows just what each person needs. Her toning/sound work was especially powerful for me. We did a fire ceremony together that was very healing and transformative.
Yukia is a very gifted, open, loving person who shares her gifts and abilities without ego or self-interest. I strongly recommend her as a teacher, a channel.”

11.With pleasure, Sage,USA “ I am so happy to give a testimonial for Yukia. I had a sound healing with her to place the emerald crystal and golden key in my heart. It was an exquisite experience that has given me more access to the quantum yin of the heart. She also assisted me in the most difficult clearing work of dark energy I have ever had to do. She was masterful. Yukia is a gifted healer and channel. I am forever grateful for her guidance and healing. My life is changed forever.”


12. with Love, Ester

 “I wanted to write and tell you how my 1:1 session with Yukia went, and how the content has impacted me.  I found Yukia very calm and easy to be with (even over Zoom).  She met me where I was at, regarding my work and how to find the balance between being busy and fragmented, between working for my higher purpose and getting pulled off centre. She also gave guidance on how to connect with my guides and hgher self, and gave me a number of exercises. Yukia gave me a mantra to do for 10 days, and when I looked it up it was from the Bon Tradition and took me back to 2018 when I discovered this as my first inkling of a bridge betgween Buddhism and Shamanism, which gave another level of depth and history of this energy.  During this 10 days, I have experienced serendipitous connections, vivd dreams and connection from realms beyond my usual perception. She gave a further energetic exercise to balance male and female energies. Since doing this exercise, I have been linked into more in-depth energetic work on balancing these, which I attribute to this opening of awareness and asking duting Yukia’s session. She also introduced me to using a space outside of time to hold information, intentions and ideas…really useful when my mind can be so full. Her warmth and ability to work with my real-world positioning whilst introducing ways I could work beyond this was comforting and exciting at the same time.  She told me what my star family heritage was which I have never had pinned down so explicitly before. I am quite new to this kind of thing, and was wholly touched by the experience and where it has led me. Warmest thanks to you Lauren for helping me connect with Yukia and many other gifted people seeking the same unity and evolution.”