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Abundance Accelerator

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Item 1: Abundance Accelerator 


4 Hour masterclass with bonus binaural beats 

Value of program $222 


A change in the way YOU FEEL, the way you THINK and the way you FOCUS YOUR ENERGY.

Where attention goes, energy flows, so let’s call back ALL OF YOUR ENERGY to the here and now.

Feel changes rooted from the ground up, call back YOUR POWER to utilize your multi-dimensional field of creative potential.

This is a powerful insight into YOU, your BEing, your ability to trust in the unknown, to learn key tools, mindset shifts and how creativity is your power tool when it comes to abundance.

EVERYONE is trying to get somewhere, change something or receive more than what they currently have.

This way of ungrounded focus creates expectations, attachments, lack, and a sense of being less than.


Imagine waking up EVERY MORNING to a mindset system, a way of starting fresh, light and in vibrational alignment to all your desires. Without having physical proof yet.

Learning the power of YIN REST before YANG DOING.

This is not just another “class” this is an emotional guidance system that will be downloaded to you through a specific light code activation, learn how to find your own flow on what FEELS joyful to you and align to ALL the magic that is HERE.

Item 2: Channeling With Spirit 


2 hour class 

Value of program $111


This masterclass will help to build confidence with your connection to spirit as you learn to receive the transmission through opening your energetic centers. 

We will start off with a guided meditation to calm and ground your being, followed by a sacred frequency sound journey to activate your third eye. 

Once your energies are aligned we will then journey through and learn how to create a dimensional space to speak with one of your guides, higher self, heart, angels or any other beings of light that wish to communicate with you at this time.

Learning to channel clearly is a foundational tool of any awakening journey and art that develops and deepens with practice, patience and time.

Item 3 Crystalline Light Code & Merkabah Activation 


60 minute class & Bonus meditation 

Value of program $44 


  • Journey with us in sacred ceremony to activate your crystalline light codes and Merkaba field, so that you activate your potent timeline of abundance and aligned experiences.
  • Connect back to your truth as a divine being of light, as a way-shower here to support the awakening of humanity through your divine codes and scared expression of creativity.
  • Let the fears dissolve as you are reminded of your passion and purpose to be HERE at this time.
  • These codes are a powerful transmission bought to you through sound toning, light language, and a channeled frequency by the collective council of light.
  • Let yourself receive a showering of abundant energy, update your “thinking” system to a feeling system by letting these codes travel through every cell of your being and ground yourself into the crystalline core of Gaia.

Item 4 Expanded Manifesting 


2 hour masterclass 

Value of Program $44


Light encoded DNA Crystalline Activation to accelerate your manifesting potential and ground into the higher frequencies.

Expanded manifesting is the receiving of your abundant Universe. 

Join this deeply transforming ceremony to activate your potential through a series of energetic inquiry. 

 Create space YOU need to feel safe and supported and travel energetically through to the past, forward to the future, out to the truths of your expanded potential in energetic human form and deep into the core wounds holding you back from breaking OUT of the linear matrix control to create your abundant reality.  

It’s time to dig up the layers of regret of what humanity was before – letting go of the embedded traumas of emotional karma in the Root and Sacral of your being. 

This masterclass looks to release and expand into the one heart, higher heart and one energetic center of your true soul as each layer of your being merges into energetic wholeness and oneness. 

Item 5: Path of the feminine 


60 minutes 

Value of Program $44


Leading you through an ancient journey of the heart, into the earth and connecting with the womb of Gaia to restore and replenish your energy field. 

Flowing to open the womb space through breath work and movement ready to set new inspired intentions. Learning to pay attention to new messages or ways of “doing” things from a journey of softness and divine flow to receive.  

Letting go of old limiting beliefs and coming back to the core and truth of who you are – pure divine love.

Item 6: Love Is The Answer – A guide to awakening the heart and stepping into authenticity 

About 4 hours to read

PDF copy of book 

Value of Program $11

Self-Love is a foundational tool in connecting to the light and this book covers key principles in aligning, clearing and showing up in authenticity!

Enjoy this Special Offer Option 1 from Zoe for $97

What People have to Say about Zoe Davenport…


My life is completely different from when we first met and my peace of mind is magical…I highly recommend her and honestly know that your souls will find each other in the right time.



I feel deep gratitude for Zoe’s ability to bring us back to our light, to our love, to our abundance, to our wisdom – to really feel the connection



Everything that wasn’t in alignment with my soul magically dissolved so quickly…If Zoe is in your path, say YES!  Trust, and see your life blossom as you dive deep within your own heart… My higher self guided me straight into Zoe’s line of heart fire. The flow of synchronicities that led me to her were very powerful and in my face, and so I decided to follow my heart’s guidance and sign up.

The first week alone was incredibly shifting as my energies adjusted to these higher frequencies that are natural flowing, as I powerfully adjusted with such a gentle yet powerful alignment activation deep within my being.  Everything that wasn’t in alignment with my soul magically dissolved so quickly. Zoe’s countenance/essence/energy and embodiment of pure divine heart space is a multi-dimensional tune-up that occurs on many dimensions not just the physical…. but also very much the physical.

I am able to see all the ways I was choosing against myself and operating from a place of fear.  I am tolerating a life where I keep my head down, work hard, suffer, and then suffer some more which is exactly what I am here to help the world recognize and shift.”

Yolanda Curtis


Zoe leads us into that sacred space of possibility, clearing out the clutter energetically so we can live our full potential every day.



Zoe is an absolute master and ascension guide!

Zoe is truly an amazing guide and transmits the most loving, divine energy. I can say that from working with her personally, she’s a true gem and such an incredible gift to all who take the wonderful opportunity to work with her.

From the very first activation I experienced Zoe holding beautiful loving space for the group, and waves of energy coming in. By the end of the call I was full to the brim with gorgeous, vibrant, expansive energy and I could feel a visceral change in my body. So much so I was struggling to drive after! Each week there was a lovely new activation experience with an injection of energy which helped me feel more consistently upgraded, expanded and in joy.

Joanna – Australia


“I was introduced to Zoe from a friend and started with some heart opening meditations. It blew my mind. When I read her book “love is the answer” I felt like I could completely relate in so many ways. So then years later I stumbled upon this Crystalline Activation group and my whole being said yes. Recently I became very drawn to these gem stones and couldn’t figure out why.

So I needed some guidance. Thank you so much Zoe, the whole program was inspirational. Our facebook community was loving, supportive and open. Every week I felt some lightness, some weight off of me. So thank you again. Looking forward to your work in the future, sending lots of love”