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I AM Enough – Return to Innocence Package
4 Week Course + 4 Bonus Programs

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Special Offer Option 1 Includes:

I AM Enough –  Return to Innocence

  • Join this container for 4 transformational weeks in sacred circle
  • Light body journey to call back ALL of your energy
  • Powerful invocations to restore divine innocence
  • Crystalline DNA Activation and ceremonial attunements
  • Connect to Universal Intelligence and the I AM presence

Does this speak to you?

It is time now to embody that you are a divine creator, through the expression of Universal Intelligence and the connection to the I AM presence.

There is a rumbling in the old systems of the way humanity has been “doing” things and we are called to step up into the way we can co-create through “being”.

  • Being in joy
  • Being in gratitude
  • Being in love
  • Being in divine service
  • Being in play
  • Being in connection
  • Being in all that we came HERE to embody


It is time to put the past behind as a collective, forgive the emotional core wounds still embedded in the fall of Atlantis and rise once more as a commUNITY through self-love, light body activation and christed/crystalline consciousness.

Using the one heart as the guiding and anchoring tool you will learn through updating your emotional operating system to bypass the defence of the ego storyline.

We are the adults who still have within us children waiting patiently to teach us HOW to use our imaginations to create a paradigm of connection, commUNITY, artistic expression and deep alignment to our wonderful planet of Gaia.

I AM Enough is a movement of energy, a call to emotional mastery and multi-dimensional creation to support your soul’s calling and creative expression.

Come together as brothers and sisters united with one purpose, strengthened by the support of sacred circle.

What’s included:

Week One

  • Calling back ALL of your energy by zooming out from 3D Duality
  • Vision Quest to release old contracts
  • Crystalline DNA patterning & re-coding Activation
  • Understanding the multi-dimensional concept of I AM Enough

Week Two

  • Restoring aligned beliefs through re-writing your “story”
  • Return to innocence – your sacred work with Gaia and grid portals
  • Awakening your cellular memory
  • Golden coding attunement to activate the frequency of I AM Enough
  • Learning to embody and the power of I AM Enough in daily life

Week Three

  • Activating your new foundational awareness of 5D Neutrality
  • Divine union with your spirit and source creator
  • Claiming sovereignty

Week Four

  • Closing ceremony
  • Connecting to Universal Intelligence of the I AM Presence
  • Activating your higher BEING/Levels of consciousness

This journey will take you into the mystery and wonder of divine creation, stepping outside the box of limitations and taking back YOUR power.

This is a multi-dimensional road map of aligned ascension tools, teachings and techniques that you can use daily to start aligning and take inspired action.

4 powerful weeks of Light Encoded transmission, returning to innocence, and embody the movement of energy I AM Enough.

I AM Enough – Return To Innocence 


90 minute recorded ceremony 

The path of the Feminine – Opening to Receive

This recorded ceremony will start off with a guided energy clearing using sound healing and light encoded DNA activation.

Leading through an ancient journey of the heart, into the Earth and connecting with the womb space of Gaia to restore and replenish your electromagnetic energy field.

Flowing through breath work and movement ready to set new inspired intentions ready for the continued joys of your soul’s path.

Learning to pay attention to new messages or ways of “doing” things that may come through from this journey.

Letting go of old limiting beliefs and coming back to the core and truth of who you are, pure divine love.

This journey is about softness, divine flow, opening to receive and setting new abundant intentions for your 2019 desires.

If you have been feeling lack of motivation, overly emotional, still feeling stuck then this ceremony will help to restore, ground and renew your being.

BONUS ITEM TWO Abundance Accelerator – A four hour activated masterclass to set you up for abundant success! 


A change in the way YOU FEEL, the way you THINK and the way you FOCUS YOUR ENERGY.

Where attention goes, energy flows, so let’s call back ALL OF YOUR ENERGY to the here and now.


Ways of manifesting don’t seem to be working anymore.

You feel stuck, lost and in a looping cycle creating the same storylines.

Want to learn how to be open to receiving.

Wanting to feel motivated to create the life you deserve!


Love Is The Answer – A guide to awakening the heart and stepping into authenticity

A PDF copy of this book to support your self-love journey


3 x 10 minute self-love guided meditations

  • Meditation #1: Let go to receive abundance
  • Meditation #2: Unconditional Love
  • Meditation #3: The Child Within

Enjoy this Special Offer Option 1 from Zoe for $147

Special Offer Option 2 Includes 2 Mastery Empowerment Course + Option 1:

Item 1: Mastery Empowerment Course:Coming April 25th 2020


10am Pacific / 11am Mountain / 12pm Central / 1pm Eastern /5pm GMT 

”Within you lives a dream, a dream of worlds that you haven’t ever seen before. These worlds bring treasures that YOU are HERE to embody & live!”

Be guided into a sacred journey to who you are, beyond the physical form. Receive a DNA Attunement, Sound Healing, Light Language Transmission, and activate information stored within your cellular memory. Meet yourself as yourself, as your true intended version.

Please eat light foods before or fast, good quality waters, loose clothing, something to sit on, yoga matt, pillow and or blanket. Journal & pen to make notes at the end. Please avoid caffeine, sugar or alcohol 24 hours before this journey.

You will also get to share your experiences after if you are guided and ask your questions live

Full access to the replay also included if you can’t make it live, it will be just as powerful!

Anything can be created through divine self-expression so journey with us on this miraculous adventure and see what awaits you, what pieces of self-expression are waiting to be unlocked and what are you needing to know right HERE, right now to do what you came here to do?

Imagine – YOU, in divine alignment, witnessing your holographic Universe through purpose, intention and divine self-expression.

YOU are the divine expressing itself – so what is the divine wanting to express through YOU?

What memories as a star seed are you missing?

What lies dormant waiting to be activated within?

The Galactic awaits your treasures!

This MEC class is bought to you by Zoe Davenport – Multi-Dimensional Channel, International Speaker & Author. Originally from the UK Zoe travels internationally and is committed to supporting others to embody their own divine self-expression.

“I am self-expression of the beyond, beyond boundaries, limitations, fears, thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs. I am the expression of the divine, joyFULL, funFULL, playFULL, loveFULL.”

PURCHASE this Mastery Empowerment Course early for only $33

Item 2: Mastery Empowerment Course: Cord Cutting Ceremony through DNA & Cellular Memory Activation
2 Hour Audio Download of Lecture and Activation
Plus Individual Download of Activation Only (for repeated use)

Ready to release the ethical cords holding you back from living your soul’s truth?

We ALL have connections, ties, emotional burdens of outdated cellular karmic contracts which are not allowing our being to evolve and expand.

We are expanding beyond that paradigm are are ready to step into a new way of being, co-creating and connecting with each other. We no longer need to play out these roles, holding onto the emotional “story” which is re-creating that same reality.

The time is NOW to do the inner work, to journey into the heart of the holographic structure of what the Universe is mirroring back to us. It’s time to forgive, to let go, to hold compassion in our hearts for ALL that we have witnessed and take emotional responsibility for how we show up in our reality, looking through with our third eye, seeing beyond the matrix programming.

Join us for a live 2 hour ceremony where we shall be cutting ethereal cords to emotional situations of people, places and things.

Surrendering the ego to the heart so that you can begin to let go of the past, the karma drama, the hurt, the pain, the shame, the guilt, the envy, the jealousy, the attachments, the expectations, the story, the beliefs.

Who could you be without the emotional connection to what is no longer serving you?

Expanding daily in your heart, connecting to your soul, your truth, your purpose?

Witness the mirrors of reality in all it’s light for what it is truly trying to teach you, and view the experience through your eyes of observer.

No longer crippled by the sabotaging belief to you have to suffer, that you have to wait to feel the emotional shift.

Everything is within YOU and this sacred journey will help to guide you through the illusion and straight into the connection of your heart.

We will be processing at a quantum level as we connect to your higher self, your being, your truth and allow the etheric cords holding you back dissolve into the light with a clear understanding that this is done for you not against you.

If you are ready to feel better within your emotional being, connect on a deeper level to your truth, understand the need to open and expand your heart, release the story, no longer letting the karmic attachments hold you back, then join us for this powerful transition of receiving, expanding, releasing and witnessing yourself as the truth of you are you!

Let your light body activate, let go and forgive those from the past, present & future to live in a space presently.

Ground into your knowing for actionable change based upon your heart’s emotional guidance system and the Universal intelligence of your higher being.

Cut cords with love, compassion, forgiveness, resolution and understanding

Guided Journey for 2 hours including a live Q&A at the end

  • Learn how to release etheric cords at a rapid rate to your past
  • Free yourself from the story to expand into your future
  • Open and activate the heart to live from unconditional love
  • Connect your higher self to the higher self of those you are ready to release
  • Learn how relationships and experiences can transform when you do the inner work
  • Learn key tools to utilise daily to continue this expanded journey of consciousness

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What People have to Say about Zoe Davenport…


My life is completely different from when we first met and my peace of mind is magical…I highly recommend her and honestly know that your souls will find each other in the right time.



I feel deep gratitude for Zoe’s ability to bring us back to our light, to our love, to our abundance, to our wisdom – to really feel the connection



Everything that wasn’t in alignment with my soul magically dissolved so quickly…If Zoe is in your path, say YES!  Trust, and see your life blossom as you dive deep within your own heart… My higher self guided me straight into Zoe’s line of heart fire. The flow of synchronicities that led me to her were very powerful and in my face, and so I decided to follow my heart’s guidance and sign up.

The first week alone was incredibly shifting as my energies adjusted to these higher frequencies that are natural flowing, as I powerfully adjusted with such a gentle yet powerful alignment activation deep within my being.  Everything that wasn’t in alignment with my soul magically dissolved so quickly. Zoe’s countenance/essence/energy and embodiment of pure divine heart space is a multi-dimensional tune-up that occurs on many dimensions not just the physical…. but also very much the physical.

I am able to see all the ways I was choosing against myself and operating from a place of fear.  I am tolerating a life where I keep my head down, work hard, suffer, and then suffer some more which is exactly what I am here to help the world recognize and shift.”

Yolanda Curtis


Zoe leads us into that sacred space of possibility, clearing out the clutter energetically so we can live our full potential every day.



Zoe is an absolute master and ascension guide!

Zoe is truly an amazing guide and transmits the most loving, divine energy. I can say that from working with her personally, she’s a true gem and such an incredible gift to all who take the wonderful opportunity to work with her.

From the very first activation I experienced Zoe holding beautiful loving space for the group, and waves of energy coming in. By the end of the call I was full to the brim with gorgeous, vibrant, expansive energy and I could feel a visceral change in my body. So much so I was struggling to drive after! Each week there was a lovely new activation experience with an injection of energy which helped me feel more consistently upgraded, expanded and in joy.

Joanna – Australia


“I was introduced to Zoe from a friend and started with some heart opening meditations. It blew my mind. When I read her book “love is the answer” I felt like I could completely relate in so many ways. So then years later I stumbled upon this Crystalline Activation group and my whole being said yes. Recently I became very drawn to these gem stones and couldn’t figure out why.

So I needed some guidance. Thank you so much Zoe, the whole program was inspirational. Our facebook community was loving, supportive and open. Every week I felt some lightness, some weight off of me. So thank you again. Looking forward to your work in the future, sending lots of love”