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I AM Enough – Return to Innocence

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DNA Activation plus Self Study Program and Cord Cutting Session

Special Offer Option 1 Includes:

Item 1: Live DNA Activation

Join Zoe Davenport at The Haven Collective for a powerful live DNA activation on
October 15th, 2020 9 am PT

We will gather together in sacred circle tuning into which frequencies are most needed, calling through any messages and open our energy chakras to receive.

You will be sent information on how to best prepare for this live transmission, as with all Activations Zoe hosts it’s important to show up live if you can commit to the whole session (approximately 60 minutes) or catch the replay which will be posted to you after the call.

DNA Activations help to clear density, raise your vibration, shift frequencies, feel more grounded and connected to the Earth, connect deeper to your purpose, activate the heart and calm the mind.

Item 2: I AM Enough –  Return to Innocence

  • Join this container for 4 transformational weeks in sacred circle
  • Light body journey to call back ALL of your energy
  • Powerful invocations to restore divine innocence
  • Crystalline DNA Activation and ceremonial attunements
  • Connect to Universal Intelligence and the I AM presence

Does this speak to you?

It is time now to embody that you are a divine creator, through the expression of Universal Intelligence and the connection to the I AM presence.

There is a rumbling in the old systems of the way humanity has been “doing” things and we are called to step up into the way we can co-create through “being”.

  • Being in joy
  • Being in gratitude
  • Being in love
  • Being in divine service
  • Being in play
  • Being in connection
  • Being in all that we came HERE to embody


It is time to put the past behind as a collective, forgive the emotional core wounds still embedded in the fall of Atlantis and rise once more as a commUNITY through self-love, light body activation and christed/crystalline consciousness.

Using the one heart as the guiding and anchoring tool you will learn through updating your emotional operating system to bypass the defence of the ego storyline.

We are the adults who still have within us children waiting patiently to teach us HOW to use our imaginations to create a paradigm of connection, commUNITY, artistic expression and deep alignment to our wonderful planet of Gaia.

I AM Enough is a movement of energy, a call to emotional mastery and multi-dimensional creation to support your soul’s calling and creative expression.

Come together as brothers and sisters united with one purpose, strengthened by the support of sacred circle.

What’s included:

Week One

  • Calling back ALL of your energy by zooming out from 3D Duality
  • Vision Quest to release old contracts
  • Crystalline DNA patterning & re-coding Activation
  • Understanding the multi-dimensional concept of I AM Enough

Week Two

  • Restoring aligned beliefs through re-writing your “story”
  • Return to innocence – your sacred work with Gaia and grid portals
  • Awakening your cellular memory
  • Golden coding attunement to activate the frequency of I AM Enough
  • Learning to embody and the power of I AM Enough in daily life

Week Three

  • Activating your new foundational awareness of 5D Neutrality
  • Divine union with your spirit and source creator
  • Claiming sovereignty

Week Four

  • Closing ceremony
  • Connecting to Universal Intelligence of the I AM Presence
  • Activating your higher BEING/Levels of consciousness

This journey will take you into the mystery and wonder of divine creation, stepping outside the box of limitations and taking back YOUR power.

This is a multi-dimensional road map of aligned ascension tools, teachings and techniques that you can use daily to start aligning and take inspired action.

4 powerful weeks of Light Encoded transmission, returning to innocence, and embody the movement of energy I AM Enough.

I AM Enough – Return To Innocence 

Item 3: Recorded 2 hour Multi-Dimensional Cord Cutting Ceremony through DNA activation

Learn how to release etheric cords at a rapid rate to your past. We will be processing at a quantum level as we connect to your higher self, your being, your truth and allow the etheric cords holding you back dissolve into the light with a clear understanding that this is done for you not against you.

If you are ready to feel better within your emotional being, connect on a deeper level to your truth, understand the need to open and expand your heart, release the story, no longer letting the karmic attachments hold you back, then join us for this powerful transition of receiving, expanding, releasing and witnessing yourself as the truth of you are you!

Let your light body activate, let go and forgive those from the past, present & future to live in a space presently.


… If you are ready to release etheric cords at a rapid rate to your past

… If you are ready to open & activate the heart to live from unconditional love

Enjoy this Special Offer from Zoe for $147

“Wow…. this is seriously powerful stuff Zoe! What a pure channel you are. I did this activation two days ago and I am feeling so light, so serene and so positive – it’s as if my worries have just melted away into nothing. Thank you so much for sharing your divine light Zoe, you truly are a very special being rooted in heart vibration” ~ Kali Green


“My experience with Zoe’s crystalline grid workshop was phenomenal to say the least.”  ~ Reba Christine


“She carries a very high frequency, and if you are ready for that lightening shamanic pace to the quantum acceleration of your soul’s path, and ready to cut through layers of delusion and illusion, I highly suggest working with this galactic powerhouse.” ~ Sierra


“The way she guides you through all of your ego BS is just pure genius! ~ Tiina


My 1:1 with Zoe & her team cleared my energy field down like a supersonic jet wash! Zoe, I write this with tears of gratitude…..I’m so so thankful for you & your work, I don’t even really have the words….Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Lynne


“I have worked with many different teachers and modalities but this is the first time I have felt compelled to write a testimonial.  Zoe has got to be one of the most caring, understanding and loving people I’ve had the opportunity to meet.  Saying she has powerful energy is an understatement!  – Don’t let her soft-spoken manner fool you.” – DEB