Wellpoint Hypnosis Method

Experience Past Life Regression and the Soul Consciousness Realm with SoundSynchTech sound frequencies.

Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™
Personal Remote Sessions with Practitioner Lauren Galey

Experience a 90 minute – 2 hour Remote Session via Zoom Video and access your Soul Consciousness Realm!  Includes Ted Winslow’s Sound Healing Frequencies (5 Tracks) in digital download.

The Soul Consciousness Realm is accessed through the specialized technique of a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method session using SoundSynchTech sound frequencies. This gives the client access to the Quantum Field Within using alpha, theta and delta brainwave states in a unique composition.

Through this process, I, the practitioner can assist you, the client,  in accessing information in your   Subconscious Mind, the Superconscious Mind,  the Unified Field, and even the Collective UnConscious.

This enables you to find a source of an issue, block or limitation,  which may facilitate a self-healing response.  This also allows you to go deeply into the Quantum Field Within In you bring forth skills and talents from past-lives and future lives, also bringing in new technologies and inventions for New Earth Living.

Tap into Your Higher Mind/ Divine Intelligence….

The  Wellpoint Hypnosis Method  uses brainwave frequencies to deeply relax the body, opening access to the Quantum Mind, Superconsciousness, Your Higher Self…Higher Consciousness.  Unified Field of consciousness/Divine Intelligence

This Sound Healing Technology  (SoundSynchTech) has been refined through extensive research with the WellPoint method to consistently induce a relaxing and effective hypnosis session. This assists the body to entrain to the relaxed state which may facilitate a self-healing response within minutes and without unwanted side effects.

In the WellPoint Hypnosis Method session, your brain is activated through the Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta brainwave frequencies to reach the different states of consciousness.   This is deeply relaxing and it offers access to the Quantum Mind, Your Higher Self and Superconsciousness.

Remote Sessions offered in WellPoint Hypnosis 90min-2hours with recording

  • Wellpoint Quantum Regression/Progression (past or future life)
  • Wellpoint Quantum Afterlife Session
  • Wellpiont Quantum Release Session

Each session includes connection with Higher Self.

A recording is included so that you can return to the information you brought forth from the Unified Field or Higher Self. This information is good to return to after you’ve integrated the session.

If you schedule multiple sessions, please allow one week to integrate between sessions.

  • Explore the talents, abilities, and sacred powers waiting to be awakened within you;
  • Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™has incorporated customized brainwave entrainment sound frequencies by SOUNDSYNCTECH™assisting the opening of new neural pathways in your brain to support you with a more powerful experience in your spiritual hypnosis session;
  • Re-calibrate your frequency to your true soul signature to magnetize your dreams into reality;
  • Find out why you are here. Maybe you here to help others but don’t know where to start;
  • Inquire about the solutions to the difficult issues that are harming our earth, animals, children and future;
  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment;
  • Discover past lives, experiences between lives, parallel realties, future live, multidimensional lives & time travel;
  • Release what no longer serves you, and embrace what does;
  • Find out how we can heal the planet & what your special contribution is;
  • Uncover the unlimited possibilities & knowledge you hold within your own consciousness;
  • Learn to move beyond the confines of conditioned or inherited behavior;
  • Ask questions & receive information about your health, life, lost history, truth, and secrets of the universe;
  • Re-set, re-calibrate, re-invent, and re-write your story or timeline for your dream life;
  • ​Discover what your purpose in life is;
  • Uncover any patterns, programs or belief systems that are contributing to your health, relationship, or money issues;
  • Unlock unique information you can share with the world through creating new music, teachings, writing books, etc;
  • Open your heart to the truth of your gifts to humanity and the world;
  • ​Reach the Unconscious storage of beliefs, programs, patterns and behaviors to change your life;
  • Find out why you chose your family, body, geographic location before you were born
  • Access your creativity in a way you have never experienced before;​
  • Solve the issues facing society in new and innovative ways;
  • Discover new inventions, technologies or solutions for healing, renewable energy, or technologies not even conceived of yet​

$177 per session

Value: $333

3 Sessions for $444  

Value: $999

Please allow 1-2 weeks between sessions for integration

Technical Requirements

Via Zoom Meeting.  You must have a pair of earbuds with microphone or other suitable headset and a computer with an internet connection and  a video camera that is able to be positioned so I can see you as you recline.

Alternative: You can download the Zoom App for your smartphone and share your phone video. (This requires a phone tri-pod to hold the phone while you are in the session).

Ability to download and play Audio Mp3s. (This is the healing sound frequencies used in the session).  Or you may purchase Ted Winslow’s Sound Healing Frequencies CD from Amazon.