Mastery Empowerment Course

with Xi Earthstar Healer

Advanced Lightwork

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Xi EarthStar

Mastery Empowerment Course: Advanced Lightwork

Using modalities of healing described on EarthStar Healer, combined with Shamanic singing,creative psychic input from Gaia, Animal Spirits, our Guides, Angels and Source ~ we take a deep dive and restore harmony to all distortions, restoring Joy and Creative Expression.Through these techniques we assist in Starseed Embodiment, Soul-Body Integration. Full Spectrum Healing takes a Multi-Dimensional Holistic approach addressing all aspects of sickness, effective for physical, emotional and spiritual healing and evolution.



Item One: Advanced Lightwork Masterclass Series, includes 7 info-packed transmissions / workshops, 3 oracular sound healing ceremonies & lots of bonus material

Oracular Sound & Yin Yoga Ceremony
 Workshop # 1 

(Intro to Advanced Lightwork & Galactic Shamanism)
Workshop # 2

(Activating & working with the etheric light body)
Workshop # 3 With Alexis

(Connecting to Source for guidance & healing)
Workshop # 4 

(Connecting with Multi-Dimensional helpers and guides, healing frequencies & brainwave states)
Workshop # 5
(Psychic Surgery: removing implants, entities, occupants & miasma, restoring genetic, soul & cellular degradation)
Workshop # 6
(Artificial Intelligence & Organic Gaian Consciousness, Nature Magic, Creation Magic, Sacred Sexuality)

Breath & Oracular Sound Healing Ceremony

Workshop # 7
(Personal & Planetary Gridwork: Earth-grid systems & human collective consciousness systems)
Breath & Oracular Sound Healing Ceremony
Closing Ceremony

Item Two: Earthstar Audio Package includes 1 sound healing album of Xi’s medicine songs, 4 full length quantum sound healings and several bonus tracks!

Item Three: I AM Starseed ebook about Xi’s story of awakening and activation, with stories about plant medicines, earth spirits, the astral military, sasquatch and more!  Her intention is to help others tune into and understand these finer vibrations of reality through sharing her story.