About Debbie Anderson

It was shortly after her parents divorced, when she was 4, and sharing a bed with her mother, that Debbie A. Anderson, saw the ceiling peel back and ethereal beings of brilliant light sit on the edge of the bed.

This was the beginning of a childhood and teen years filled with seeing, hearing and doing what others could not: having more visits by spirit beings, seeing people who had passed over, knowledge of the future, obtaining information about people that could only be obtained through her intuitive gifts, healing people with her hands, and more.

But when told by her mother it was time to see the psychiatrist,
Debbie’s guides painted a picture of her ending up “in a nice white coat (a straight-jacket) in a padded room,” so she suppressed what was really happening and told everyone that she was simply trying to get attention.

Nevertheless, in young adulthood and out on her own, she was drawn to Tarot cards, and a community of like-minded people who would meet weekly for meditation, card reading and esoteric exploration. In her 20s Debbie took courses at Arthur Findley College in Stansted, Essex UK (which she says was like attending Hogwarts), and she began to give full reign to her gifts.

Encouraged by a friend to attend a past-life regression workshop, she met Chris Lee, who was Canadian, the man who would become her husband. Moving to Canada in 1997, she took a job in the corporate world, but continued to do readings for people on the side.

But still reluctant to leave the steady paycheck of corporate life, Debbie got a wake-up call from the Universe after a sequence of injury-causing accidents that make it difficult to work in a traditional job. She knew she was being called to step into her life as a clairvoyant and spirit communicator fully. And part of that was clear direction from her guides to start creating her own oracle decks.

She had been traveling with her husband around Canada for his past-life regression workshops and her offering clairvoyant readings, and then in May 2013 when she published her first deck, the Vibrational Oracle Deck, she offered it for sale as they journeyed 13,000 km eastward from British Columbia. The cards were an immediate sellout, and in fact, she has to rush to print an additional 1000.

In 2014 she added the Vibrational Earth Children Oracle for youngsters 8 and upward. More recently, she has added the I AM Vibrational and I AM Sacred Affirmation Decks.

Today, she has sold more than 20,000 decks and is distributed in Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. She has been doing intuitive spiritual readings for more than 35 years around the world.