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We are all feeling the clarion call of our heart to STEP UP and BE the change we wish to see in the world. Are you ready to CLAIM your personal power & sovereignty? Step fully into the frequencies of Joy, Love, Abundance and Wellness that comes from our connection to our Higher Self and the Quantum Realm, that greater part of YOU that is connected to ALL THAT IS.

Each Quantum Conversation will assist you with Quantum Transformation as you EMBODY LOVE, EXPAND consciousness and create your reality from a heart-centered space, where ALL of your Power lies!


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Music From the Universe

The Sound of Math, Sacred Geometry and the Universe as musical notes were assigned to mathematical equations.

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These shows are dedicated to YOU and All Awakening Hearts as we Unite & Create New Earth

  • My consciousness has shifted as a result of connecting with you. Thank you! I am working with the 5th dimensional energies now.

    Geoffrey A. MA
  • You have strong personality and a highest ability for leadership. You gave me such positive energy that caused me to develop my true abilities.

    Husein Abu Naser, Sweden
  • You gave me strength and courage. You made me a better person and gave me confidence in myself. You helped me see what I couldbe. I will never forget you. You are the best EIVOR.

    Sofia Fattal
  • When I met Scott, my marriage, career, and life as a whole were in a tailspin. After just a few months and some focused work, Scott was able to get me focused on the right things in my life and where I needed to start making the changes necessary to live a better second half! I am happy to report that the family is great and the career has never been better. I owe it all to Scott and his process.

  • [Divine Abundance] was a very powerful experience. I am continuing to digest the depth of the divine energies received as well as the release of those energies of blockage. Thank you very much for the session. I am so glad I had a space of time where I could lie down and let myself go into a deep healing, rejuvenating and transforming experience …

    I know this session was deeply transformative because my heart continues to beat deeply and I feel I am vibrating at a higher rate. Emotionally I feel peaceful, at ease. My mind is uncluttered. My body is alert but restful. The entire human system feels it is functioning in balance and a net of gratitude and humbleness for being alive holds everything together. I feel more connected through the heart to all of life throughout the universe.

  • I have been listening to Scott’s recordings for several years now and have found that I have frequently needed ‘energetic reconnection’ at various times throughout the day and night to support my continued spiritual growth. I find that listening to the playbacks are particularly helpful in quickly dissolving blocks. I find Scott’s voice soothing and loving in those difficult moments of feeling alone. Just hearing Scott’s voice instantly provides me with the reassurance that I am not alone and provides me with the guidance that keeps my spiritual tools vigilant in seeking and living in truth.

  • is now my favorite site for metaphysical and spiritual interviews. You have a beautiful voice, very soothing and almost musical.

  • What I wanted to say to you is that the heart and passion and charisma that come from you and your work is not found anywhere else in the industry. Certainly, it must also have to do with the fact that my energy is more aligned to yours. but I find your work is “real” with a sincere desire to research, help, and growth for yourself and others.

  • I very much appreciate the free webinars that you have listed.which have assisted me in unbelievable ways to catapult my way to a higher vibration and grow spiritually. Just letting you know they are of great value, to some, but especially to me. I am truly grateful.

  • I am just so grateful for lightworkers such as yourself for providing me ongoing information to assist in my AWAKENING process! Without your help, I would not have been able to leave a day job, heal my inner child, and actually self-publish children’s books which are on AMAZON as we speak!

  • Thank you for your wonderful contribution of Quantum Conversations. I have been greatly assisted and inspired with the amazing guests you have presented. I have had many challenges, as many others on this planet also have over the years, yet having QC to tune into has been a saving grace.

  • Thank you so much for creating your internet show!! I love your speakers and learn so much from them. Their techniques have been so helpful to my own practice as a light activator.


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