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Acoustic Health Acoustic Health Your Portal to the Inner Realms & Higher Consciousness Welcome to... Quantum For High Vibrations, Quantum Living & New Earth Creations Expanding Consciousness, Opening Hearts and Raising the Vibration of the Planet Enjoy Quantum Conversations Healing Retreats Designed for the Soul Longer, specialized online programs with featured guests on Quantum Conversations Experience Online Healing Retreats

~ Quantum Conversations ~

Your Portal to the Inner Realms & Higher Self Connection

with New Earth Host,  Lauren Galey

Welcome to Quantum Conversations – You’re portal to the Inner Realms and Higher Self Connection.  In today’s world, our inner wisdom is our guidance as we move forward living in Heart Consciousness.  Raise your vibration and expand consciousness as you enjoy these conversations that bring you back into your Heart. This Now Moment is where all of your creation power lies.

Access topics, meditations and processes to assist you in raising your vibration into the highest frequencies of  Joy, Harmony, Peace, Abundance, Compassion, Unconditional Love and Unity.


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This is New Earth Media that explores consciousness and spirituality, so that you can be Empowered & Inspired so you can Empower & Inspire others. 


Today's Guest on Quantum Conversations

Lorraine Rise: Manifest Your Ideal Career

Many people don’t know where to start when changing careers or looking for a new job. The process can feel overwhelming. Or, perhaps you’ve been moving from job to job without ever finding what you really want.
Lorraine Rise is a life coach, recruiter, entrepreneur, and speaker with over 12 years of hiring and coaching experience. She has made multiple career changes herself and will guide you through the career change process blending both practical and spiritual principles. Learn how to use your intuition to identify a fulfilling career path as well as effective strategies for researching new career paths and landing your dream job!

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 Quantum Conversations

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