Mastery Empowerment Course

with Ana Estrada

Embodied Sovereignty: Inner Labyrinths and the Magic of Gaia

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Ana Estrada

Audio & Video Download – 2 hours

The Labyrinth is an ancient form that represents the soul’s journey of embodiment. The sacred geometry of the labyrinth is not only visually appealing, but the soul recognizes it and is drawn into this form as a symbol of its human initiations upon Gaia.

Within the labyrinth, the twists and turns of the path guide our way to center which may be momentarily obscured at different places. We may doubt our choice to turn as we appear to move away from center and then feel relief when we can sense that the center is near even if we can’t see it. Understanding this rhythm inside ourselves serves as an imprint that teaches us to pause, to trust and to be strong in the midst of the tremendous collective uncertainty we now face. The labyrinth symbol contains knowledge of the inner quantum field that is composed of various layers and dimensions of consciousness. It serves as a portal to the inner realms and the magic of Gaia.

The key to Embodied Sovereignty lies within our grounded and unshakeable connection to the crystalline grid of the Ascended Earth, our alignment with Gaia. This alignment strengthens as we learn to navigate the purification processes that naturally occur as we raise our frequencies and embody our physical vessels as Temples of Light. As we learn to unconditionally trust ourselves and the process of expansion throughout all the twists and turns of the multidimensional inner labyrinth, we are blessed with courage and grace, joyously claiming our place in the circle of Ascended Beings of Light, holding space for Divine Transformation.

In this Mastery Empowerment Course, we will:

  • Enter a multidimensional labyrinth and navigate the purification processes of the inner quantum field.
  • Access quantum light frequencies and divine codes that will unravel deep-rooted unconscious tendencies that obstruct our Embodied Sovereignty.
  • Receive a Light Language Transmission from the Earth Goddess Brigid and her sovereign expression of Gaia.
  • Excavate and transform mental patterns that still appear to disempower us as we embody our most courageous self.
  • Deepen our alignment with Gaia when challenging emotions come forth to be revealed and processed.
  • Nourish the Inner Child, that version of ourselves who suffered most in our past, with the quantum light frequencies.
  • Bring all our past selves into present time, completing and collapsing old templates as we come into alignment with Gaia and natural frequencies of joy and fulfillment.

Claim your Place in the Circle of Embodied Sovereign Beings of Light!